Forestry – the sustainability inflection point

At Gresham House, our investments are very long term and through our management approach we proactively set out to improve the value and lifespan of assets though sustainable forestry management. We follow international standards (FSC, PEFC or equivalent) and focus on delivering a positive and measurable environmental and social impact.

Indeed, we are not just focused on these standards. We created a ‘Forest Charter’ in 2022 which sets out our commitments and targets in relation to sustainable forest management. In addition, we have set our own key performance indicators against which our performance in managing these factors are measured. 

All commitments are at least aligned with forest certification standards and the Charter includes commitments and targets covering:

  • Forest Products & Services
  • Climate Change
  • Biodiversity & Woodland Ecology ∙ Forest Protection
  • Income & Employment
  • Communities & People
  • Forest Certification & Standards

You can now read the full thought leadership at the link below

Supporting documents

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