Global Real Estate of Credit Suisse Asset Management is one of the leading international real estate investment managers based on strong Swiss foundations – the first Swiss real estate fund dates back to 1938. Whatever the project, we have the expertise to manage real estate investments from start to finish.

Our 170-strong Real Estate team has years of experience of realizing construction projects and renovations and managing real estate portfolios. It is based in Zurich, Lausanne, Zug, Basle, Frankfurt, London, New York and Singapore and looks after over 1,300 properties in 14 countries. Today Global Real Estate is ranked among the top 20 largest providers of real estate investment solutions worldwide, is the fourth largest in Europe and the largest in Switzerland.

Credit Suisse Asset Management Global Real Estate takes an uncompromising approach to real estate management. We only purchase real estate, real estate projects, and sites that meet our strict investment criteria. The specific investment criteria we apply depend on the profile of the investment vehicle for which the property is intended. Internationally, we focus on well-established markets or markets with growth potential, distinguished by their liquidity, transparency and secure legal systems. While we prefer properties that can generate a strong and stable revenue, in select cases we will also consider properties for their growth potential. 

In addition to purchasing individual properties, projects, and sites, we can convert directly-owned real estate and real estate portfolios into indirect real estate investments – a process known as asset securitization. Sale-and-rent-back solutions are available for clients who want to sell their real estate and rent back the properties required for their operations.

Managing real estate in a sustainable manner is absolutely essential for us. Sustainability is an important criterion for any decision to buy or sell real estate. With new construction projects, we build in a sustainable manner and aim to achieve Swiss and international certifications. Existing properties are continually checked and are optimized in terms of energy efficiency, for example.


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The key risks of real estate investments include limited liquidity in the real estate market, changing mortgage interest rates, subjective valuation of real estate, inherent risks with respect to the construction of buildings and environmental risks (e.g., land contamination).

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