Forum Partners is a global real estate investment and asset management firm established in 2002. Majority owned by its partners and employees, Forum invests in and alongside specialised private and public real estate companies with a focus on current income and capital preservation. The firm’s strength lies in recognising the appropriate parts of the capital structure in which to invest and, thereby, creating opportunities with risk properly mitigated while preserving upside potential.

Utilising an investment strategy developed by its senior partners and honed over 12 years, Forum provides growth and/or restructuring capital – as well as governance and capital markets expertise – to small and mid-sized sector focused real estate operating companies with the goal of creating the proper alignment to unlock asset and enterprise value.

Forum Securities, an affiliate of Forum Partners, is a global real estate securities manager providing clients custom real estate exposure through the public equity and public debt markets.

Forum Partners has over 80 employees in 12 offices across Europe, North America and Asia.