Westpark Innovation Campus: a blueprint for the workplace community

The words workplace and community may not seem like obvious bedfellows. In the past, they were about as similar as chalk and cheese. You’d leave your community every morning to go to a designated desk in an office and return in the evening. Never the twain would meet.

Not anymore. At Fine Grain Property, we’ve been developing a thriving workplace community in business parks across Ireland since 2016. Our workplace community is built around a central concept: that people work better together in spaces that encourage collaboration, creativity and interaction. In turn, this builds success for the companies that employ them.  

A prime example of a thriving workplace community is Shannon’s Westpark Innovation Campus. In June 2022, we consolidated our ownership of this 40-acre site, which encompasses more than 300,000 sq ft of modern office space, when we acquired the five-storey Building 7000 from owner/occupier AXA, the global insurance company, in a sale & leaseback deal.  

This means that we can apply our expertise across all of Westpark and frees AXA from the pressures of property ownership, allowing the company to focus on its business while maintaining continuity for their team. Meanwhile, we can create more opportunities for Westpark’s resident companies and their employees to interact, innovate and grow.

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