The future of the office: how top-notch facilities, face-to-face contact and foosball can boost productivity

Bad news for office foosball fans: business leaders rank the game as the least likely office initiative to foster innovation within their organisations. Even beanbags scored more highly, according to a poll of board level executives at 285 companies operating in Ireland, carried out by Fine Grain Property. 

Okay, so it’s not that surprising that decision-makers place access to talent, proximity to tertiary education facilities and great digital infrastructure above the lowly foosball table. After all, these are prerequisites for companies when building an environment in which people can collaborate and innovate, particularly in markets facing a dearth of talent.

Human connection is crucial 

But I, for one, would like to speak up for foosball. Not because I play a mean game (which I do), but because facilitating face-to-face, relaxed and friendly interactions in the workplace has never been more important. As businesses emerge from nearly two years of intermittent home working into the ‘new normal,’ human connection is crucial. 

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