Fine Grain Futures: cutting emissions by the equivalent of 900 transatlantic flights a year

Here at Fine Grain Property, our goal is to build world-class workplace communities on three pillars: Fine Grain Facilities, Friends and Futures. Our contemporary, amenities-rich buildings and their surroundings provide the facilities; the vibrant communities of like-minded businesses they house, the companies we partner with and our neighbours in local communities are the friends; the way we operate as a business helps build brighter and more sustainable futures for our clients, investors and the planet.  

Sean McGuire, Sustainability Consultant, Fine Grain Property
As Fine Grain’s Sustainability Consultant, it’s my responsibility to help make those futures reality. We are making giant leaps towards decarbonising our operations, nurturing biodiversity throughout our properties and encouraging people to make more sustainable choices. This is a genuine effort to make things better, ensure our assets are more sustainable and leave the planet in a better state for the next generation. By 2030, we will have at least halved our greenhouse gas emissions. By 2050, our net emissions will be zero.

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