Edmond de Rothschild: M&A deals are back - companies are feeling confident again

Interview with Philippe Lecoq, manager of the Edmond de Rothschild Europe Synergy fund

European M&A deal volume has increased dramatically. Signs that Europe was returning to growth in mid-2013 helped restore confidence gradually and prepare the ground for a new M&A cycle.

Companies can no longer rely solely on organic growth to ensure long-term growth, which is why they are increasingly focusing on acquisitions. Tieups have come in very different shapes and involve a broad variety of sectors and company of all sizes.

What are the main characteristics of the current M&A cycle in Europe?

A new M&A cycle in Europe started in mid-2013. 2014 has so far seen very heavy deal volume: US$836bn in announced deals at August 31st vs. US$482bn for the same period in 2013. The number of deals this year is slightly down but volumes are much higher. This represents the best increase in Europe since 2007.

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