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  • Xtrackers by DWS - IPE December 2023

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    Navigating the climate index jungle


    The need to understand Climate benchmarks and their personalities

  • DWS - IPE June 2023

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    Degrees of climate investing: decarbonisation on paper and in practice


    Over the past years, sustainability considerations have permeated the investing space. While traditionally utilised for risk reduction, ESG investing has evolved to not only consider exclusion-based approaches but covers many different areas of sustainability and strategies to translate these into portfolio construction. As almost 90% of global emissions are covered under net zero targets, also a growing number of investors wish to specifically focus on climate in their investments. 

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    The Great Reallocation and what it means for fixed income investors


    “Income is back in fixed income” – If there was a contest for the catchphrase of the year 2022, this one would certainly be a hopeful contender as it captures the essence of market evolution. The fixed income space has undergone a significant transformation and reallocation implications reverberate into 2023. This has resulted in a year-to-date influx of USD 87bn in global fixed income ETFs.

  • Passive investing

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    Customisation: the new frontier of passive investing


    Commentators often oversimplify investing to a binary choice between what they perceive as two competing alternatives: actives and passives. The commentators overlook the fact that choosing a standard index is really an active asset allocation decision. Also, the way an index is constructed ultimately drives the selection of securities and, in some cases, the countries or regions in which an indexed portfolio will invest.

  • dws cashflow

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    Cashflow-Driven Investing


    UK infrastructure debt: its merits for Cashflow Driven Investors

  • higher esg scores that don’t cost the earth

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    Higher ESG scores that don’t cost the earth


    Environmental, social and governance related measures are increasingly being recognised as valuable sources of information on companies, with investors using them to supplement traditional financial metrics in constructing portfolios and risk analysis.

  • DWS – A new era for an established UK partner

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    DWS – A new era for an established UK partner


    Q&A with Maria Ryan, Head of UK and Head of UK Global Client Group, DWS

  • impact investing and the global microfinance sector

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    Impact investing & the global microfinance sector


    According to the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), impact investing is investments made into companies, organisations and funds with the intention to generate measurable social and environmental impact alongside financial return.

  • dws ipe factor investing supplement april 2018 screenshot

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    Factor Investing: Avoiding the pitfalls


    What Is Your General Experience Of Factor Investing?

  • factor investing avoiding the pitfalls

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    Factor Investing: Avoiding the pitfalls


    Factor investing has gained a lot of attention recently. DWS Quantitative Investments launched its first factor-based equity strategies in 2001, since when its approach has continued to evolve. In this Q&A we discuss some of the considerations we believe are key to successful factor investing.