With a heritage spanning more than 50 years in Europe, DWS has built a leading full-service, global real estate investment business with more than 400 professionals and staff located in 25 cities around the world. We offer a diverse range of strategies across the risk/return and geographic spectrums, including core and value-added real estate, real estate debt, real estate securities and opportunistic real estate. As fiduciaries of our clients’ capital, we seek to create innovative investment solutions designed to meet specific client requirements, combined with a disciplined approach to real estate investing.

The depth of insights from our integrated top-down and bottom-up approach gives us unique perspective into markets and allows us to develop actionable strategies for our clients’ portfolios.

Our approach starts with global and regional research teams and on-the-ground investment and asset management teams to provide our clients proprietary perspectives on market opportunities, trends and risks. We combine this intelligence with our sophisticated portfolio construction approach and advanced risk management with the goal to deliver optimal returns for public pension plans, corporations, insurance companies, endowments, foundations, sovereign wealth funds, retirement plans and private clients worldwide.

Our size, reputation and longstanding relationships often give us access to investment opportunities before they are broadly mar­keted. Seasoned local teams and a hands-on approach translate into more efficient investment decisions, potentially increasing property income returns and adding long-term value.

Sector forecasts

Our latest Europe Real Estate Strategic Outlook, as well as outlooks for the US and Asia Pacific, provide our assessment of regional real estate markets around the world, as well as our investment perspectives. These are available along with all of our research on our website at: institutional.dws.com

Investment principles & strategy

Our mission is to seek to deliver long-term risk-adjusted returns, preservation of capital and diversification to our investors.1 To pursue our clients’ goals, and consistent with our mission, we employ a disciplined and sustainable investment process designed to identify, implement and monitor investment themes and tactics.

Strategic corporate development

An integrated, global platform enables us to leverage our experience and resources to develop and offer new and innovative products and services to suit the needs of our clients.

Performance verification

Performance information can be provided on request for a number of our strategies.

There is no assurance that investment objectives can be achieved.

For Professional Clients (MiFID Directive 2014/65/EU Annex II) only. In Switzerland for Qualified Investors (Art. 10 Para. 3 of the Swiss Federal Collective Investment Schemes Act (CISA)). For institutional investors only.


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