DWS’s real estate investment business (formerly Deutsche Asset Management) has been investing in real estate for more than 45 years. As part of the Alternatives platform, the business offers a diverse range of strategies across the risk/return and geographic spectrums, including core and value-added real estate, real estate securities, real estate debt and opportunistic real estate.

As fiduciaries of our clients’ capital, we create innovative investment solutions designed to meet specific client requirements, combined with a disciplined approach to real estate investing. Our approach starts with global and regional research teams and on-the-ground investment and asset management teams to provide our clients proprietary perspectives on market opportunities, trends and risks. We combine this intelligence with our sophisticated portfolio construction approach and advanced risk management with the goal to deliver optimal returns for public pension plans, corporations, insurance companies, endowments, foundations, sovereign wealth funds, retirement plans and private clients worldwide.

Comments: Our highly experienced teams are well equipped to succeed in an ever-changing environment. We use a robust and disciplined investment process, combined with flexibility and creativity to adjust to ongoing developments in the asset class. With investments and investment professionals spread across the world, we have expertise in Europe, the United States and Asia Pacific. On-the-ground expertise is supported by a dedicated Alternatives research team. Our global view and depth of resource means we are able to continually innovate our products and services in response to clients’ needs.

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