Delancey is an institutional quality financial investor and a hands-on, local development and asset manager. Delancey was founded by Jamie Ritblat in 1995 and currently has €5.2bn of assets under management. Since 1995 the business has raised and advised four investment vehicles: DV1, DV2, DV3 (closed-ended opportunity funds),DV4 (open-ended capital accumulation vehicle) and DOOR. Alongside its primary client funds, Delancey advises a select group of real estate investment funds, institutional investors and family offices. Focused on the UK since the outset, the team has deep and long-standing relationships with key players in the UK real estate market. Working with a wide range of assets, partners and clients, we take a diverse approach to creating value from property. Our innovative strategies exploit the potential of every aspect of real estate acquisition, structure and management. We have the ability to be flexible in the manner in which we operate and invest and can incorporate virtually any corporate structure and invest across the capital structure. Our equity and debt platforms work very closely together resulting in stronger origination, underwriting, execution and asset management to deliver strong value outcomes. Delancey is an SEC Registered Investment Advisor (US) and authorised and regulated by the FCA (UK). Delancey comprises 51 individuals with in-house investment, development, financing and asset management teams and a full suite of support functions.

Investment principles & strategy

Since 1995, the Delancey team has established and iteratively improved over time its investment selection and value creation process. Delancey’s tried and tested methods bring to bear its entrepreneurial, cycle-tested, skill set combined with the rigour and discipline of its institutional framework to all investments. Delancey’s investment strategies include, opportunistic, core plus, debt-focused and long-term capital accumulation strategies. Delancey delivers the following for its clients and investors:

  • Sourcing property and corporate investments
  • Planning and development
  • Property asset management and leasing
  • Establishment and management of platform businesses
  • Devising and executing efficient capital structures.

Delancey’s investment strategy seeks investments and properties that are, or have the potential to become, best in class in terms of location and quality of tenant and build. The best properties are the most liquid and attract premium pricing from buyers of institutional quality product. Delancey has, over the years, demonstrated its ability to create signature assets from complex situations that attract special buyers and deliver the most attractive pricing on exit.

Delancey’s approach to debt is based on a set of rules designed to protect capital in the long term and allow strategies to be focused on real estate fundamentals. These principles are based on decades of experience in the UK real estate market, having seen many cycles and bought or invested with property owners and lenders facing liquidity challenges and requiring property expertise to deliver superior outcomes. .


Delancey is a Registered Investment Advisor with the US Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), and a firm authorized and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and operates at the highest level of governance, within a robust internal control environment, with an approach dedicated to providing investors with the highest quality of service, trans- parency, communication and reporting, and an overarching objective to act in the best interests of our advisory clients.