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  • The start-ups that grew old

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    The start-ups that grew old


    Japan’s family firms not to be underestimated

  • Is ‘quality’ a shield against inflation?

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    Is ‘quality’ a shield against inflation?


    During the 3Q 2021 earnings calls, many companies raised a ‘red flag’ for inflation. An industry study by Bank of America Global Research assessed the number of times ‘inflation’ was mentioned by European businesses on these calls.

  • comgest esg

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    An “ESG” smell test to separate the wheat from the chaff


    Looking at the number of press releases regarding funds being launched, or relabelled, as “sustainable” or “responsible”, there is little doubt that “Responsible Investment” (RI) has become a significant trend in the industry over the past 18 months.

  • outlook the global emerging markets asset class

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    Outlook: The Global Emerging Markets Asset Class


    2018 has been challenging for investors in Global Emerging Markets (GEM), with rising volatility in Forex, debt and equity prices causing negative returns. As the year has progressed, several themes have increasingly influenced sentiment and momentum.

  • Comgest - The hunt for quality thumbnail

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    The hunt for quality


    For a growth investor like Comgest, focusing on quality is one of the very few practical approaches to increase our odds of invest- ing in companies that will indeed profitably outgrow expectations already priced in their shares. But, identifying quality should not be limited to approximate yardsticks such as earnings standard deviation, a net debt / Ebitda ratio or even a slightly more elaborate Piotroski score. Instead, there is an interconnected relationship between competitive ad- vantage and quality.