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  • Life Sciences Real Estate - Opportunity in the Midst of a Pandemic

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    Life Sciences Real Estate: Opportunity in the Midst of a Pandemic


    In recent years, purpose-built commercial space for life sciences research and development (R&D) has been an outperforming alternative property type more frequently pursued by real estate investors. Clarion Partners believes life sciences industry clusters are creating more prosperous U.S. cities, while occupancy and rent growth trends have been robust for property owners.

  • High-Growth U.S. Logistics Hubs - East Coast Industrial Markets On The Move

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    High-Growth U.S. Logistics Hubs: East Coast Industrial Markets On The Move


    In the past decade, eastern U.S. industrial markets have gained considerable market share of the collective national trade volume. U.S. West Coast (USWC) port dominance has been gradually eroding as U.S. East Coast (USEC) ports capture more and more eastbound transpacific container trade (Figure 1).

  • Major Shifts In Odce Sector Allocations Underway

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    Major Shifts In Odce Sector Allocations Underway


    Prior to the COVID-19 crisis, commercial real estate (CRE) demand and supply fundamentals were largely healthy in most markets and property sectors. The U.S. labor market and household formation had been very strong, driving robust demand for commercial space. Furthermore, relatively conservative underwriting and rising construction costs constrained new supply. In recent months, however, the global pandemic has led to a rapid downturn of the U.S economy, negatively impacting different industries and real estate dynamics.

  • Beyond the CBD - Sweet Spots In the Urban Fringe & Suburbs

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    Beyond the CBD: Sweet Spots In the Urban Fringe & Suburbs


    The COVID-19 pandemic is unexpected and still rapidly developing globally which will impact the U.S economy and commercial real estate investments. The duration, scale and severity of the outbreak are still unknown. This report represents the views of Clarion Partners as of March 2020 and does not address any impact or potential impact of the pandemic.

  • Rising Development Costs - A Silver Lining For Commercial Real Estate?

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    Rising Development Costs - A Silver Lining For Commercial Real Estate?


    Nationwide, new commercial real estate (CRE) occupancies are near record highs across all sectors amidst a slower pace of new development. Rising construction costs have limited new supply of institutional-quality property and prolonged much-needed updates to functionally obsolete property. Overall, U.S. commercial building costs have risen 30% over the past decade.

  • The global warehouse boom: Industrial investment in the U.S. & EU

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    The global warehouse boom: Industrial investment in the U.S. & EU


    The logistics industry is a rapidly growing force in the global economy, driving extraordinary demand for warehouse property. In 2018, global industrial transaction volume climbed to a record high of $154 billion, almost 10% of all investment sales.

  • transformative tech hubs

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    Transformative tech hubs


    The U.S. tech industry is rapidly transforming communities across cities nationwide. The sector is a major force in the national economy, now ranking third of all major industries in gross domestic product at 10.2% of economic output.

  • the rise of the sun belt

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    The rise of the sun belt


    The ongoing and rapid growth in the U.S. Sun Belt has been an extraordinary boon to commercial real estate investors. The region stretches across eighteen states in the Southeast and Southwest and includes seven of the ten largest U.S. cities, as well as many mid-size metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs).The Sun Belt now holds about 50% of the national population (326 million), which is expected to rise to about 55% by 2030. Over the past decade, the region accounted for 75% of total U.S. population growth (15 out of the total 21 million).

  • cp thought leadership renter nation fall 2018 11.7.18 final

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    Renter Nation: U.S. Socioeconomics drive multifamily housing demand


    State of the U.S. housing market: Increasingly a renter nation

  • the medical real estate boom

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    The Medical Real Estate Boom


    In 2018, health care became the biggest employer in the U.S., now about 12% of the workforce, largely driven by population demographics. Millennials are the largest generation in history and over one-third of Americans are now over age 50. 

  • commercial real estate is a clear winner from tax reform

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    Commercial Real Estate is a Clear Winner from Tax Reform


    The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 is the most significant revision to the U.S. tax code since 1986. The reduction of the headline corporate tax rate from 35% to 21% makes the country significantly more competitive within the global marketplace and is already spurring domestic investment. 

  • disruptive technologies drive new opportunities in commercial real estate

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    Disruptive Technologies Drive New Opportunities in Commercial Real Estate


    Technology increasingly connects the digital and physical worlds. Billions of people now access products and services in a highly efficient manner.