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  • How are UK asset owners repositioning fixed income portfolios?

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    How are UK asset owners repositioning fixed income portfolios?


    We surveyed 100 fixed income asset allocation decision makers at public and private pension schemes, OCIOs, insurers, endowments and foundations between February and March 2024. We captured their thoughts on a range of topics including the fixed income market environment, intentions and attitudes to credit markets and to emerging market debt, plus thoughts on active management.

  • Fixed Income Horizons Survey 2024

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    Fixed Income Horizons Survey 2024


    The Capital Group 2024 Fixed Income Horizons Survey captures the views of 100 UK asset owners, including pension funds, OCIO providers, insurers, endowments and foundations. The quantitative survey was conducted by CoreData Group during February and March 2024. This report also includes insights from a series of in-depth qualitative interviews with senior investment leaders at UK asset owners. The questions were focused on respondents’ asset allocation views and attitudes to different areas of fixed income markets.

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    Ahead of the curve: Resilience amid divergence


    While economies have proved remarkably resilient in the face of aggressive interest rate hikes, we have started to see divergence more recently. Countries such as the US, India and Japan have proved stronger than others – including Europe, the UK and China – driven mainly by differences in consumption, investment, and fiscal policies.

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    Fixed Income Perspectives Q2 2024


    Quarterly macro and market insights from Capital Group’s fixed income team

  • The Long View

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    The Long View: Four megatrends to watch


    Innovation is not just a buzzword — it is the lifeblood of investment success. It fuels growth, drives competitiveness and shapes the future of companies. But while innovation is essential, not all emerging trends are created equal.

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    Feast of opportunities: Six future food trends


    The global food system is in a multi-decade period of upheaval. Governments, regulators, companies and consumers are rethinking the way food is produced and consumed in an increasingly resource-constrained world. Innovation and disruption are already happening and will, in our view, accelerate in the coming years.

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    The year of EM elections


    Analysis suggests that while fiscal and monetary policy tend to ease moderately during election years, there has been little broader impact on underlying macroeconomic trends.

  • Hard and local currency bonds

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    Hard and local currency bonds provide different routes to returns


    Emerging market (EM) bonds are increasingly becoming a strategic holding for many investors but a key consideration in this is the different attributes of hard- and local currency-denominated bonds — the two broad sets of investments available in the asset class — and understanding the benefits each can bring to a portfolio.

  • Four things to watch ahead of the US elections

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    Four things to watch ahead of the US elections


    This is the biggest election year in world history. Seventy-six countries — home to roughly 4.4 billion people — will hold political contests in 2024.

  • Can the banks deliver for investors in 2024?

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    Can the banks deliver for investors in 2024?


    Today, with the exception of the US regional banks, fundamentals across the banking sector are the strongest they have been in decades.

  • Capital market assumptions

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    Capital market assumptions: 2024


    Our 2024 expectations for annualised returns over the next 20 years (what we call our capital market assumptions) are a mixed bag. Strong gains across markets over the past year have tempered our expected returns for equities relative to our 2023 outlook. On the other hand, higher starting yields translate into improved expectations versus last year across many fixed income asset classes.

  • Rob Lovelace on what’s in store for 2024

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    Rob Lovelace on what’s in store for 2024


    As we embark on a new year, the challenges ahead are well defined. Interest rates are elevated. Elections are upcoming. And many stock indexes are near all-time highs. Are these events setting the stage for a disappointing pullback or another bull run?