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  • Why research is critical when it comes to China investing

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    Why research is critical when it comes to China investing


    It has been quite a topsy-turvy 2022 for Chinese equities so far. What are the key factors that have contributed to the volatility?

  • Can U.S. midterm elections move the market? 5 charts to watch

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    Can U.S. midterm elections move the market? 5 charts to watch


    In a year when soaring inflation, the war in Ukraine and a bear market have commanded headlines, the U.S. midterm elections risked becoming an afterthought. But now the election is coming back into focus. And with good reason. 

  • Rising yields put bond markets back on a road to normal

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    Rising yields put bond markets back on a road to normal


    Rising inflation and slowing global growth are two dominant themes casting a pall over the current market environment. With increasing geopolitical uncertainty, tightening monetary policy, supply chain challenges and higher commodity prices at play, a period of global stagflation could potentially be on the horizon.

  • Uniquely Japan- Navigating Asia’s largest advanced economy

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    Uniquely Japan: Navigating Asia’s largest advanced economy


    Economic intricacies and structural challenges are commonplace in Japan. But looking through the lens of individual companies shines a different light on the nation.

  • 4 reasons health care could lead the next bull market

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    4 reasons health care could lead the next bull market


    Amid the storm of market volatility in the first half of 2022, health care was among the few areas that offered investors some shelter.

  • Multi-asset investing in times of volatility

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    Multi-asset investing in times of volatility


    2022 has been one of the most volatile periods in recent years for global equity and fixed income markets. The outbreak of the war in Ukraine, global supply chain disruptions, global inflationary pressures, less accommodative central banks and COVID-19 restrictions in China have all weighed on investor sentiment.

  • Capital group FI perspectives

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    Fixed Income Perspectives - July 2022


    The combination of persistently high inflation, aggressive central banks and tightening financial conditions is weighing on financial markets and global growth outlooks. While valuations across many sectors look compelling after the market sell-off this year, we are exercising caution given greater uncertainty and elevated recession risk.

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    Building resilient portfolios amid inflation


    After a thirty-year hiatus, inflation has become one of the main risks for investors to manage leading to other concerns that come along with uncertain markets.

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    Braving bear markets: 5 lessons from seasoned investors


    Stock markets around the world have entered bear territory. The MSCI ACWI slid over 20% for the six months ended June 30, 2022. Today, many investors are focused on the likelihood of recession and more pain ahead.

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    When short term pain can bring long term gains


    2022 has not been a great time for bonds. The Bloomberg Global Aggregate Index and Bloomberg US Treasury Index both hit historical lows, returning -13.9% and -9.1%, respectively, in the first 6 months of 20221 . Meanwhile, risky asset classes also sold off significantly, which has led to many investors questioning the role of bonds as a diversifier to equities.

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    Emerging market debt: an active approach


    Emerging market debt (EMD) has already broadened and deepened significantly in the last few decades and as the asset class has developed, it has become more appealing to a broader investor base. Issuance has increased, thereby improving liquidity.

  • ESG Global Study 2022

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    ESG Global Study 2022


    Many investors are contemplating how to integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues into their investing decisions. In this, our second ESG annual study, we surveyed more than 1,100 global professionals, including advisors, consultants and intermediaries. The result is a comprehensive report providing in-depth ESG insights, thoughts on ESG trends and views regarding ESG regulation.