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  • Four things to watch ahead of the US elections

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    Four things to watch ahead of the US elections


    This is the biggest election year in world history. Seventy-six countries — home to roughly 4.4 billion people — will hold political contests in 2024.

  • Capital market assumptions

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    Capital market assumptions: 2024


    Our 2024 expectations for annualised returns over the next 20 years (what we call our capital market assumptions) are a mixed bag. Strong gains across markets over the past year have tempered our expected returns for equities relative to our 2023 outlook. On the other hand, higher starting yields translate into improved expectations versus last year across many fixed income asset classes.

  • Rob Lovelace on what’s in store for 2024

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    Rob Lovelace on what’s in store for 2024


    As we embark on a new year, the challenges ahead are well defined. Interest rates are elevated. Elections are upcoming. And many stock indexes are near all-time highs. Are these events setting the stage for a disappointing pullback or another bull run?

  • History lessens for Europe's central banks

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    History lessons for Europe’s central bankers


    Consensus is suggesting Europe has solved its inflation problems and substantial rate cuts are imminent – but is this realistic given how far economists and markets underestimated the recent price surge and policy tightening?

  • Fixed Income Perspectives Q4 2023

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    Fixed Income Perspectives Q1 2024


    Quarterly macro and market insights from Capital Group’s fixed income team

  • Now may be the time for core bonds- Five themes for 2024

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    Now may be the time for core bonds: Five themes for 2024


    With inflation falling and the US Federal Reserve (Fed) signalling an end to its historic tightening cycle, the landscape for bond investors is beginning to look much clearer. Even after a sharp rally in late 2023, yields still look more attractive than they have in a decade.

  • Decoding the AI opportunity

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    Decoding the AI opportunity


    In 2023, we saw significant future value creation from artificial intelligence pulled forward and reflected in share prices of companies set to benefit from this multi-generational opportunity.

  • EMD outlook for 2024- Higher for longer US rates in a bifurcated EM universe

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    EMD outlook 2024: Navigating a bifurcated universe


    In this outlook, we outline the global backdrop that emerging markets (EMs) can expect in 2024, including higher-for-longer US rates, a strong US dollar and weak global growth. The last time EM had to endure a “higher for longer” US rate environment was probably 1990s, when EM countries faced balance of payments and exchange rate crises, in some cases ending up in default.

  • Electirc vehicles in the fast lane

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    Electric vehicles in the fast lane: Who wins this race?


    Walking the showroom floor of Germany’s international auto show used to be a time to admire the latest and greatest gas-powered Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen or even a Bentley. Not so much this year. One can sense the electric vehicle future coming. 

  • Capital group outlook 2024

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    Outlook 2024: Prepare for changes in the investing climate


    Heading into 2024, it is difficult to remember another time when the outlook was so uncertain. Recession or expansion? Inflation or deflation? Higher interest rates for longer or central banks preparing to pivot? Take your pick and you will find a pundit arguing for each scenario as if it was a foregone conclusion.

  • Time for credit – why we like investment grade

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    Time for credit – why we like investment grade


    To better understand the impact of potential macroeconomic scenarios on the asset class, we have undertaken a sensitivity analysis of the global investment grade corporate bond market. This sensitivity analysis points to one clear implication: the importance of investing in fixed income despite ongoing uncertainty. We believe fixed income, in particular credit markets, have become a much more attractive proposition for investors.

  • Whatever happened to the recession

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    Whatever happened to the recession - and does it matter for bonds?


    Despite interest rates being hiked to their highest level since the mid-2000s and a mini crisis in the US banking sector, the US and other developed market economies remain in relatively robust health. A recession has, so far, been avoided.