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    Still No End In Sight


    The hawks fluttered their wings this week, leading yields to rise, equities to fall, and markets to reprice rate expectations. The BoE is more concerned about growth, while the Fed has a singular focus on inflation. China and Japan remain accommodative, watching PMIs next week.

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    What Jay Powell Really Meant


    Read what the Fed Chair was actually thinking as he read his script.

  • Making Up Lost Ground

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    Making Up Lost Ground


    Another 75bps and more hawkish talk from Jerome Powell. Markets reacted swiftly to signals that more large increases are coming—more than they had priced in. See how this frontloading by central banks aligns with our central scenarios and expectations for the coming year.

  • Frontloading

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    The global economy remained largely resilient in the first half of 2022, despite war in Eastern Europe, commodity shortages, and inflation. However, this is leading most major central banks to turn increasingly hawkish and frontload rate hikes which should weigh on growth.

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    Unlocking Hidden Value in Carbon-Intensive Companies


    In the race toward net zero, the ‘cost of carbon’ may continue to affect company valuations. Understanding this potential impact is critical to identifying those businesses that are best-positioned for long-term outperformance.

  • You will remember the 21st day of September2

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    You Will Remember The 21st Day of September


    Data and expectations continue to drive markets, which have priced in a 75bp hike from the FOMC, though some foresee more; expect 50bps from the BoE given concerns about inflation and energy prices. In China, mounting worries about growth and weak trade are elevating concerns.

  • Where will job markets be the tightest

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    Where Will Job Markets Be Tightest?


    Waiting for the U.S. Labor Force Participation Rate to rebound? Demographic trends and the graying population will likely make a full return difficult to achieve.

  • The Bull Case for Next Year- It Won’t be Worse Than This Year

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    The Bull Case for Next Year: It Won’t be Worse Than This Year


    It’s not a pretty outlook, but it’s important to keep thinking at least one or two moves ahead.

  • Portfolio Diversification Is Key To Weathering the Storm

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    Portfolio Diversification Is Key To Weathering the Storm


    In this Q&A, Ian Fowler discusses the benefits diversification and warns against an over-reliance on upper mid-market deals.

  • Barings - Combating higher rates


    High Yield: When Volatility Creates Opportunity


    Investors are back at their desks and volatility has returned with them. How can they navigate an environment characterized by rising rates and decades-high inflation? Scott Roth and Adrienne Butler answer this question and more in the latest episode of Streaming Income.

  • Hawks Are Gaining Speed

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    Hawks Are Gaining Speed


    Here come the rate hikes. The upward surprise in euro area inflation and Jay Powell’s speech in Jackson Hole confirmed the ECB and Fed are both likely looking at 75bp hikes this month, and markets increased expectations as a result. Meanwhile, China reacts to new lockdown measures.

  • The Energy Transition


    The Energy Transition


    Clive Burstow, Head of Global Resources, discusses why resources companies are part of the solution, rather than the problem, in the transition to a cleaner world.