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  • CLOs- Quality is Key

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    CLOs: Quality is Key


    While there are potential opportunities across the CLO capital structure, we continue to favor higher-quality tranches.

  • quarterly-emd-hero

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    Emerging Markets Debt: Cautiously Optimistic


    Buoyed by a drop in 10-year Treasury yields, moderating inflation, and an economy that continues to chug along, emerging markets debt has entered 2024 on an upbeat note.

  • IG Credit- Finding Value in Less Conventional Places

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    IG Credit: Finding Value in Less Conventional Places


    While spreads have tightened, investment grade credit continues to offer compelling total return potential as well as many idiosyncratic opportunities.

  • High Yield- Can the Strength Continue?

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    High Yield: Can the Strength Continue?


    Despite risks surrounding the direction of the global economy, high yield bonds and loans continue to offer attractive total return potential for long-term investors willing to look beyond the likelihood of near-term volatility.

  • Martello Re- Building a Reinsurer from the Ground Up


    Martello Re: Building a Reinsurer from the Ground Up


    Dennis Ho, CEO of Martello Re, sits down with Barings’ Colin Gordon to discuss the creation and rapid growth of Bermuda-based reinsurer Martello Re, and how trusted partnerships have been the key to tackling challenges ranging from investment returns to hiring and beyond.

  • The (Still) Compelling Case for Broadly Syndicated Loans

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    The (Still) Compelling Case for Broadly Syndicated Loans


    Even as the rate-hiking cycle looks close to its end, loans look well-positioned for strong performance in the year ahead, due largely to the high contractual income on offer.

  • Bond Investment for Tough Times

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    Bond Investment for Tough Times


    Martin Horne recently spoke with IPE about his outlook for credit, what we can expect in the new era for fixed income and what sets Barings apart.

  • A Compelling Value Proposition in EM IG Corporate Debt

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    A Compelling Value Proposition in EM IG Corporate Debt


    Elevated yields, improving credit quality and lower interest rate risk are presenting a strong case for EM investment grade corporate debt—especially in a soft landing scenario.

  • The Turning Tide in Technology

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    The Turning Tide in Technology


    With all the headlines surrounding OpenAI’s recent management turmoil and nVidia’s exceptional earnings, is the market paying enough attention to the signs of recovery in the core bedrock of technology? Is this a harbinger of even better times for the tech sector?

  • 2024 Outlook- Direct Lending

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    2024 Outlook: Direct Lending


    Our direct lending experts bring into focus the biggest challenges and opportunities shaping private credit markets in the U.S., Europe and Asia Pacific.

  • 2024 Direct Lending Outlook


    2024 Direct Lending Outlook


    Can the impressive growth of the direct lending asset class continue? Or will higher rates and increased competition mean more defaults and lower spreads are on the horizon? Our experts across the U.S., Europe and Asia-Pac weigh in on the prospects for the asset class in 2024.

  • European High Yield- Can the Winning Streak Continue?


    European High Yield: Can the Winning Streak Continue?


    Craig Abouchar, Managing Director, European High Yield, discusses the key factors that have made European high yield bonds compelling this year—and explores the outlook for the asset class against an uncertain macroeconomic backdrop.