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  • Climate Action Report

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    Climate Action Report


    As the window to act on the climate emergency narrows, as a global investor, business and employer, we know that our response to tackling the climate crisis must go beyond what is expected of an asset manager calling itself ‘responsible’. Here, we report on our progress, innovations and commitments that lie at the heart of our climate strategy.

  • Why sustainable fashion could be in style for responsible investors

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    Why sustainable fashion could be in style for responsible investors


    Fashion is one of the biggest industries in the world, generating around $2.5trn in annual sales but at the same time, it is thought to be responsible for a sizeable 10% of annual global carbon emissions – more than all international flights and maritime shipping combined.

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    Pensions investment outlook 2023: New realities, big decisions


    Pension fund investors have endured a roller coaster two years. After a strong 2021, 2022 saw record losses on sovereign bonds and a major correction in equities.

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    Investment Institute Outlook 2023


    Following a highly challenging year, our expectation for 2023 and 2024 is to finally see inflation retreat against a backdrop of global growth slowing to its softest – barring the pandemic – since 2009. But while we anticipate a challenging road ahead, we expect a slow recovery emerging in 2024.

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    Investment Outlook – Positive but tempered return expectations


    There were few places to hide in 2022. Inflation, monetary policy tightening and geopolitical risks marked a stark contrast to the drivers of returns in 2020 and 2021; the backdrop ultimately forced a revaluation of fixed income and equity assets. From low to high inflation, and from low to high interest rates, returns suffered as markets adjusted to the new paradigm.

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    Macro outlook – The clouds around the inflation peak


    The inflation shock has defined 2022. Not primarily because as usual, by eroding purchasing power and corporate margins it has hampered consumption and investment – private spending has been remarkably resilient actually in the developed world given the circumstances – but because it has marked the end of an era for monetary policy.

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    COP 27: Modest hopes for a climate meeting convened in an energy crisis


    The latest meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP) on climate change will take place against a deeply difficult backdrop. COP27 kicks off on 6 November at a time when questions of energy security and affordability are bumping up against the push for carbon emissions reductions. This may dilute the potential outcomes, but investors may still see some interesting adjustments to the path we take towards net zero.

  • Four reasons why social investing will be a driver of long-term sustainability

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    Four reasons why social investing will be a driver of long-term sustainability


    When it comes to environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing, the spotlight has historically shone brightest on the ‘E’ – especially in recent years as attention has intensified on the climate emergency.

  • How companies can rethink how they address social issues

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    How companies can rethink how they address social issues


    The environment has been at the forefront of ESG for years due to the nature of the challenges faced by the planet – the governance pillar, meanwhile, has endured and toughened as those challenges emphasise the need for robust executive oversight. Social has lagged behind. The pillar has proven difficult to define and the reporting process continues to be obscure for issuers.

  • Social impact- Testing a new opportunity for institutional investors

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    Social impact: Testing a new opportunity for institutional investors


    The drive to deliver net zero emissions by 2050 has hogged the responsible investment headlines. Institutional investors interested in environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors have rightly seen climate as a huge priority and there was a risk this might create ‘carbon tunnel vision’, relegating other concerns to the sidelines. Happily, things are changing.

  • Is social the most important part of ESG investing?

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    Is social the most important part of ESG investing?


    Economics is a social science. It is the study of how people collectively manage scarce resources to generate goods and services that satisfy basic and other needs – and businesses are key building blocks of the economic and social ecosystem.

  • The unequal impact of inflation- How governments are responding

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    The unequal impact of inflation: How governments are responding


    Inflation has risen to multi-decade highs in most international economies, both developing and emerging. Most recently it has been driven by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which has significantly impacted food and energy prices. However, beyond the headline measures of inflation, the effect of rising food and energy prices typically has a greater impact on lower-income countries, households and individuals.