Expertise combined, opportunity multiplied: why I created a real assets business

“The future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed”. - William Gibson

Gibson’s quote speaks to a truth lying behind all trends – people experience and even recognise change at different speeds. While we are not the first asset manager to create a real assets business, we will go further in terms of integrating the component parts into a genuinely unified platform that can deliver better outcomes for our clients. We are placing a stake in the ground; highlighting our intention to shape the future of the real asset investment landscape.

Increasingly outcome-oriented in nature, clients will differ in their current and future investment preferences for real assets – both in terms of the assets them- selves and the vehicles providing access (single strategy or blended multi-asset). However, the trend toward them is undeniable. A report last year by PwC predicted that alternative asset classes – in particular, real assets, private equity and private debt – will more than double in size, reaching US$21.1 trillion by 2025.

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