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  • Unlevered Infrastructure Equity - Delivering in CDI

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    Unlevered Infrastructure Equity: Delivering in CDI


    Cashflow-driven investing (CDI) generates predictable, attractive cash flows to meet liabilities when they fall due. Although a wide range of reliable, income generating assets can be included within a CDI strategy, discussions about which alternative asset classes to include are often limited to private debt, particularly infrastructure and real estate financing. 

  • Intangible infrastructure - Storing and transmitting data

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    Intangible infrastructure: Storing and transmitting data


    The emergence of data infrastructure was a defining theme in the last decade. As the sector matures, Laurence Monnier explains why further expansion, consolidation and the development of a secondary market are likely.

  • Three trends to watch in UK long-income real estate

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    Three trends to watch in UK long-income real estate


    In an era of low interest rates and rising maintenance costs, the benefits of long-income assets within UK real-estate portfolios are hard to ignore. Tim Perry looks at three key trends that are influencing the UK long-income market.

  • low-rates-northern-lights-net-zero

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    Low rates, northern lights and net zero: UK infrastructure in 2020


    In the second of a two-part series, Darryl Murphy assesses the current state of the UK infrastructure market and the likely drivers of transaction activity in 2020.

  • Recovery, disintermediation and politics - A decade in UK infrastructure

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    Recovery, disintermediation and politics: A decade in UK infrastructure


    In the first of a two-part series on UK infrastructure, Darryl Murphy looks back on a turbulent decade that saw bank lenders retreat only to re-emerge and a new broom of investors enter the market, as well as the demise of the PFI/PPP model.

  • Urban regeneration - How a secure income strategy can help revive city centres

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    Urban regeneration: How a secure income strategy can help revive city centres


    Like other major cities, London scores highly across a range of economic metrics. But while London’s continued capacity for renewal and attracting investment is undeniably impressive, it is often in stark contrast to other UK cities. Chris Urwin, Luke Layfield and Stanley Kwong explain what can be done to make those cities more attractive, and the respective roles investors and the public sector should play in that process.

  • real-estate-outlook-2020-europe

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    Real estate outlook 2020: Continental Europe


    As 2019 comes to a close Vivienne Bolla and Souad Cherfouh look ahead to the key themes that will shape the European real estate markets in 2020 and beyond.

  • real-estate-outlook-2020-uk

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    Real estate outlook 2020: UK


    As 2019 comes to a close Jonathan Bayfield looks ahead to the key themes that will shape the UK real estate market in 2020 and beyond.

  • Aviva Investors Space as a service The rise of flexible working

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    Space as a service: The rise of flexible working


    The rise of flexible working is a trend that has caught the headlines. We explain why the trend is here to stay, what it means for companies and how investors can adapt to the changing nature of the workplace.

  • Aviva Investors - Are ESG comparisons fair

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    Are ESG comparisons fair?


    Investors need to look past tick-box credentials to consider the real ESG impact of their infrastructure projects, says Ian Berry, head of infrastructure equity at Aviva Investors.

  • Aviva Investors -trying-to-square

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    Trying to square the circular economy


    With climate change continuing to rise up the political and societal agenda, increasing calls are being made for a global ‘Green New Deal’. Steve Waygood explores what this would look like and why we must start to treat the economy and environment as one.

  • Real Assets Study

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    Real Assets Study


    Our Real Assets Study provides insight into European institutional investors’ appetite for real estate, infrastructure, private corporate debt and structured finance. It highlights the need to address ESG issues, looks at whether supply can meet demand, as well as gauging the potential impact of global challenges such as trade wars.