People (8)

  • Mark Ebbinghaus

    Mark Ebbinghaus


  • Gary McKenzie-Smith

    Gary McKenzie-Smith

    Managing Partner, Head of Residential Mortgages

    Managing Partner and co-founder, with primary responsibility for managing the business.

  • Paul House

    Paul House

    Managing Partner, Head of Commercial Real Estate

    Managing Partner and responsible for our Commercial Real Estate business.

  • Beatrice Dupont

    Beatrice Dupont

    Partner, Commercial Real Estate and Investor Relations

    Senior member of our Commercial Real Estate business

  • David Cuin Wood

    David Cuin Wood

    Partner, VeRA/Technology

    David joined Venn having worked for ten years in investment banking as a quantitative analyst.

  • Richard Green

    Richard Green

    Partner, Commercial Real Estate

    Richard is a partner in the Commercial Real Estate business and was part of the founding team at Venn.

  • Luke Venables

    Luke Venables

    Chief Operating Officer

    Luke has over 22 years of experience in operational and infrastructure roles, with a particular focus on credit products.

  • George Cotterell

    George Cotterell

    Director at ARA Venn