ARA Venn (formerly Venn Partners LLP) is a specialist investment manager in European real estate private debt, founded in 2009 and with offices in the UK and Spain and an affiliate office in the Netherlands. ARA Venn’s dedicated team of professionals have extensive experience across the credit markets, enabling them to serve the investment needs of a diverse range of government entities, leading global institutions and private investors offering an array of attractive private debt opportunities.

ARA Venn is a subsidiary of ARA Asset Management Limited (ARA), a real assets fund manager with gross assets under management of close to £50 billion. ARA Group and its Associates manage listed and unlisted real estate investment trusts (REITs), private real estate credit and equity funds and infrastructure funds in 28 countries.

Currently, ARA Venn manages three private debt strategies:

  • Commercial real estate, which focuses on the sourcing and arranging of loans directly with borrowers and secured by properties in select European jurisdictions and in the UK. Since 2013, ARA Venn has financed €2.2bn of new lending in a series of investment vehicles;
  • UK private rented sector, where ARA Venn acts as the exclusive delivery partner to the UK government in respect of its £3.5bn government guarantee scheme. ARA Venn has funded nearly £1bn of loans to date and a pipeline of loans in excess of £11bn and expected to be deployed over the next three to four years to finance newly built residential rental properties;
  • Residential mortgages, where ARA Venn originates and manages owner-occupier mortgages in the Dutch and UK housing market. To date, ARA Venn has financed over €1bn of mortgages.

These businesses are supported by Venn Risk Analytics (VeRA), Venn’s proprietary loan management platform, which underpins ARA Venn’s approach to risk management and helps the firm to analyse, monitor and manage all of its credit position

Investment principles & strategy

ARA Venn is a specialist credit manager with an established track record of efficient deployment at attractive returns.

The objective of the firm is to find attractive risk adjusted return investment opportunities in the European asset backed credit markets. This is achieved through the implementation of the following strategy:

  • Focus on less competitive markets: ARA Venn targets and serves segments of the lending markets which are undersupplied and as a result offer attractive risk adjusted return.
  • Deep origination network: ARA Venn has established deep relationships with borrowers over the years, seeking to position itself as the lender of choice, sometimes with minimal competition.
  • Reliability and speed of execution: ARA Venn has a reputation in the market for being reliable and fast. ARA Venn has put in place a team and governance structure which allows it to respond quickly to borrowers, a key element for winning transactions.
  • Credit specialists: Being a firm which specialises purely in credit helps foster a trusting relationship with sponsors. There are no concerns for potential conflicts since Venn does not run equity mandates.

Strategic corporate development

We are able to provide our clients with credit investment opportunities across the risk spectrum through pooled funds or separate accounts.

Performance verification

Performance data is maintained in line with industry standards.


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