Ancala Partners is an independent investment manager with a proven long-term track record in creating value through proactive sourcing and active asset management of mid-market European infrastructure assets.

Ancala's team has significant industrial, investment, asset management and operational experience. We focus on a single consistent and successful strategy.

Ancala sources bespoke investment opportunities that can benefit from its granular asset management particularly through its industry expertise. Recent investments reflecting the breadth of Ancala’s asset base include HS Orka, the leading private power (geothermal and hydro) producer in Iceland; Fore Freedom, an independent owner of fibre to the office networks in the Netherlands; and Leep Utilities a leading last mile water, electricity, gas and district heating utility network owner.

Ancala has a trusted reputation as a responsible owner of infrastructure assets.

Strategy & Products
Ancala focuses on European mid-market equity investments. Through proactive sourcing and hands-on asset manage­ment we provide enhanced returns from a low risk, cash yielding portfolio. We focus on operating businesses that can act as growth platforms and/or provide opportunities to improve cost structures and operations to enhance value. We achieve this while pursuing a diversified sector approach and applying a conservative capital structure to our portfolio companies. We focus on a single and successful strategy.

Investment Process & Research

Detailed proprietary research
The Ancala team uses in-depth proprietary research to identify opportunities which others are not targeting.
This in-depth research allows Ancala to identify potential vendors and
- Proactively approach them with detailed proposals and solutions
- Engage them in ongoing dialogue
- Build relationships with them over time
- Identify “trigger points” for potential investments

Recognised sector expertise
Proven industry expertise and a successful track record has made us a go-to partner for corporates and other potential vendors.

Persistence and patience
Ancala is willing to devote time to establishing relation­ships with potential vendors and to working with vendors on complex carve-outs.

Active asset management approach
The asset management team led by Industry Partners focuses on key business improvement objectives to cre­ate value and/or reduce risk.

Our Vision & Beliefs

  • A better risk-adjusted return is available in the mid-market because we are able to bring a level of focus, operational skills, capital and alignment to businesses which may not have had the same attention from their previous owners.
  • Infrastructure investments can benefit from active as­set management. We actively seek to grow and de-risk our investments. We focus on operational efficiencies, developments, acquisitions, de-risking, diversification of revenue streams, improvements to policies and proce­dures and business expansion.
  • Industry expertise is key to delivering value added as­set management.
  • We deliver value for all stakeholders. This group includes our direct employees, customers, business partners and counterparties, the communities, the regulators and the environment.
  • We always act in the best interests of our investors.
  • A conservative capital structure is essential to protect­ing returns throughout the business cycle.