Outerblue Talks Green – The rise of responsible investing in Asia

Asia faces distinct and complex challenges when it comes to the energy transition as it looks to balance economic development with the necessity to transition to a low carbon economy.

The continent is home to around 60% of the world’s population and has significant exposure to the physical risks of climate change, seen in severe floods and heatwaves. At the same time, it also has extensive and affordable renewable energy resources, which gives the continent a unique opportunity to develop its economy using these vast resources. 

In this podcast, we look at the role of investment in advancing the energy transition in Asia and talk to some of Amundi’s experts across Asia to learn more about the responsible investment trends, initiatives and policy developments happening in their regions. We also discuss some of the main challenges that need to be overcome and the trends for investors to look out for in the months ahead. 

You can now listen to the full podcast at the link below