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  • Global Macro Outlook - Third Quarter 2022

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    Global Macro Outlook - Third Quarter 2022


    The global economic outlook deteriorated sharply in the second quarter and markets are increasingly concerned that higher rates will lead to a recession. This outcome isn’t a certainty, but the probability of slower or negative growth has increased materially as inflation has stayed high.

  • Diversity Leaders Open New Doors for Equity Investors

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    Diversity Leaders Open New Doors for Equity Investors


    More companies are discovering that policies promoting diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) are good for business. Equity investors who can find these “diversity leaders” will discover a promising source of return potential, especially in businesses that rely on human capital to drive innovation and business performance.

  • Are Carbon Offsets the Next ESG Investing Frontier?

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    Are Carbon Offsets the Next ESG Investing Frontier?


    Carbon offsets occupy a relatively small space on the spectrum of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. But as more countries and companies commit to net-zero carbon emissions goals, they’re steadily gaining attention from investors as a tool to accelerate carbon reductions. Growing demand has fueled record-high prices in some markets.

  • Midyear Strategic Investment Outlook- What Does the Market Move Mean for Strategic Investors?

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    Midyear Strategic Investment Outlook: What Does the Market Move Mean for Strategic Investors?


    Many people say they like to be long-term investors. It’s a laudable ambition, but often the short term gets in the way. Our notes typically focus on the strategic horizon, but when the S&P 500 falls by 20%, 10-year Treasury yields rise by 140 basis points and Bitcoin is down by 60% since the start of 2022, strategic investors need to respond. 

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    Security Concerns Add Urgency to Global Energy Transition


    Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has caused enormous human suffering and upended the previous political consensus in Europe. It’s also prompted concerns that Western countries will be distracted from environmental priorities as they struggle to replace embargoed Russian oil and gas. But data suggest otherwise—that the global energy transition is accelerating and that the widespread effects from the conflict bolster the secular growth case for renewable energy.

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    Conflict Brings a New Challenge to Global Food Security


    February 24 marked the beginning of one of the largest military conflicts to break out in Europe since World War II, as Russian military forces invaded Ukraine. The unprovoked and devastating attack ratcheted up geopolitical tensions and triggered a massive humanitarian crisis.

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    Reimagining Supply Chains: The Investing Challenge


    From carmakers to smartphone manufacturers, companies around the world are reorganizing their supply chains amid a wave of disruptions. Equity investors will need to sharpen their analytical tools and engagement skills to determine which businesses are proactively adapting to a new reality.

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    The Fed Makes Inflation Fighting Priority Number One


    The Fed raised its benchmark interest rate by 75 basis points yesterday, to a range between 1.50% and 1.75%, and signaled stronger inflation-fighting measures ahead. We think that policy path will eventually cool inflation—but at a greater cost to economic growth than the Fed expects. And financial markets will likely stay volatile for a while.

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    Responsible Lending: The Myth of the Perfect Investment


    If building a sustainable bond portfolio sounds tidy and straightforward, it isn’t. The auto industry illustrates the difficulty of finding a perfectly sustainable private sector investment.

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    Capturing Persistent Growth in Volatile Equity Markets


    Growth stocks are under acute pressure as rising interest rates change the dynamics that drive equity valuations. But market volatility shouldn’t distract investors. We believe companies that can deliver sustainable growth in a sluggish economy will ultimately be prized for their business benefits and investment return potential.

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    Inflation: Higher but Not Forever


    High inflation and the consequences of attempts to curb it are a top concern for today’s investors. We believe that, by hiking rates, policymakers can eventually slow demand enough to subdue price pressures, even in an environment of constrained supply. But this process takes time.

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    Want to De-Risk? Look to High Yield


    Looking for a tactical way to de-risk your portfolio? You might consider rotating a portion of your equity allocation into high-yield bonds.