Actis Launches New Brazilian Transmission Platform And Acquires Operational Transmission Asset Totalling 743km

Actis, a global investor in sustainable infrastructure, has launched a new Brazilian transmission platform and acquired 100% of one operational transmission line from EDP Brasil (Energias do Brasil S.A.) the fully-owned subsidiary of EDP (Energias de Portugal, S.A.).


Actis’ acquisition of the transmission line, totalling a length of 743 kilometres, sees the firm deploy capital in the lowest-risk segment of Brazil’s power value chain while helping to support the country’s transition to renewable energy and a decarbonised power system. Brazil is currently revising climate targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 53% from 2005 levels by 2030, to accelerate the drive to net zero.

The power transmission sector is of strategic importance in Brazil, where renewables power almost 45% of the country’s energy demand, as it is key to meeting this growing power demand. Most Brazilian energy generation assets, notably renewables, are situated far from the consumer base, making transmission lines essential infrastructure in facilitating access to power. In addition to these factors, the Brazilian transmission sector also makes for an attractive investment due to the country’s transparent auction process and robust and mature regulatory environment.

You can now read the press release at the link below