Achmea Real Estate has been an investment manager specialising in real estate for over sixty years. We create sustainable value for our clients, contribute significantly to a healthy living environment and are at the heart of society with our real estate portfolio. In close cooperation with other Achmea divisions, we strive for a society in which people live together sustainably.

For over 30 institutional clients

Achmea Real Estate purchases and (re)develops real estate on behalf of over thirty pension funds and other institutional investors. They participate in our real estate funds or have their own portfolio through a separate account. We cooperate with municipalities, developers, housing corporations and care institutions and keep an eye on new trends and developments. We actively manage our clients’ portfolios. This ensures a better return, both socially and financially.

Shaping a sustainable future with real estate

Our vision is that investment management should contribute to a sustainable future. Our mission is to invest in real estate with high social value and an appropriate financial return. In doing so, we work for our institutional clients (and their customers) to ensure a good income for now, the near future and the longer term. In a sustainable, attractive living environment. Achmea Real Estate is part of the Achmea Group, one of the largest financial service providers in the Netherlands. With 216 employees, we manage approximately €12 billion (HY 2023) in residential, retail and healthcare real estate investments.

Sector forecasts

Residential: Despite the changed interest rate climate and increased regulation, Dutch rental properties remain an attractive investment for institutional investors. Due to the rising interest rates, the indirect return has decreased, similar to other real estate categories. However, the fundamentals for rental properties are robust. Scarcity in the Dutch housing market leads to a structural demand from users. For the upcoming period, we anticipate a sustained high demand for investor-owned rental properties by households and a persistently low vacancy rate in housing portfolios.

Retail will remain one of the best performing property sectors in the coming years. This is because retail property values have already experienced an earlier correction, while values in other sectors are now falling more sharply. From 2024 onwards, consumers will have more spending power, the uncertainty in the retail market will decrease and the capital market will stabilise. This will increase demand for retail property. However, the institutional retail market is becoming increasingly specialised. The polarisation of the already fragmented market will continue in the coming period, with a favourable outlook for the premium segment of the market.

Healthcare real estate is attractive to institutional investors because of its relatively low risk and attractive returns. It also offers opportunities for ESG objectives in terms of sustainability and social structures due to an ageing population. Rental income is stable, with limited sensitivity to economic fluctuations and low vacancy risk. The political focus on staying at home longer and decentralised primary care ensures this long-term stability. In addition, care properties are less susceptible to fluctuations in the value of the housing market, so diversification within the care real estate segment makes value growth more stable.


Achmea Real Estate opts for sustainable investments with high social value and an appropriate financial return. An ambitious ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) policy is indispensable for this purpose. It is about making clear choices with specific objectives.

We updated our ESG strategy in 2023, following consultations with internal and external stakeholders. Given the pace of change in the world, the real estate sector and our organisation, it was time to revisit our strategy and refine our objectives. We look forward to engaging with you to create a sustainable, attractive living environment together.

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Achmea Real Estate is a trade name of the private company with limited liability Syntrus Achmea Real Estate & Finance B.V., with its statutory seat and registered office in Amsterdam (Chamber of Commerce no. 33306313). Achmea Real Estate is an investment manager specialised in solutions for individual and collective investments in real estate.

Achmea Real Estate is authorised by the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets pursuant to section 2:65 sub a of the Dutch Financial Supervision Act (Wet op het financieel toezicht, ‘Wft’) to manage alternative investment funds and provide the investment services portfolio management and investment advice for professional investors within the meaning of section 1:1 Wft.

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