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Intech: A Pioneer in Equity Portfolio Management

Intech® is a specialist in global quantitative equity management. It applies its distinctive investment process to traditional equity, defensive equity and absolute return solutions.

Quantitative Global Equity Specialist
• Founded by pioneering mathematician Dr. Robert Fernholz
• Based in West Palm Beach with Princeton and London offices
• Independently operated unit of Janus Henderson Group

Distinctive Investment Approach
• Harness stock price volatility for alpha and risk control
• Rely only on advanced mathematics and portfolio rebalancing
• No dependence on forecasting stock returns or factor premia

Valuable Client Benefits
• Investment approach that seeks to complement other equity managers
• Alpha source is reliable, enduring and extensible
• Customizable process can fit specific objectives – 40% of AUM

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  • Strategically Speaking: Janus Henderson Investors

    Andrew Formica, co-CEO of Janus Henderson Investors, talks about the benefits and challenges of the recent merger

  • Interview: Mark Burbach - Blue Sky Group

    Mark Burbach, the chief investment officer of Blue Sky Group, tells Brendan Maton how it is coping with increased investment regulations

  • Pioneers: Better be smart

    Lynn Strongin Dodds finds that as the strategy becomes more popular, pioneers in the alternative-indexation field are warning investors to avoid being just performance chasers

  • Pension funds: the active versus passive dilemma

    The role of asset managers is in the spotlight as institutional investors question whether active asset management achieves better results than passive strategies

  • Active Management: Feast and famine

    The ability to generate alpha might be a skill, but the amount of alpha available from the market is not a constant. Martin Steward asks how we might measure the alpha opportunity and whether investors should vary the risk budget they allocate to active management as a result

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Janus Henderson Group
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