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  • Has China put the Brake on M&A?

    White papers 18 January 2017

    As featured on CNBC, Roberto Bottoli, manager of GAM’s merger arbitrage strategy, discusses the significance of new capital controls measures imposed by China, namely restrictions on outbound mergers and acquisitions, and whether the political standoff between China and other countries on cross-border M&A is likely to be resolved.

  • 2017 Outlook: Key events in 2017

    White papers 5 January 2017

    With so much happening in parallel across political, economic and financial landscapes, it seems daunting to try to identify the one event that shaped 2016. In the following short statements, our investment experts share their predictions on which events will prove pivotal in 2017.

  • A single wish for 2017

    White papers 28 December 2016

    Twelve months ago I published a holiday wish list of five things I hoped would prevail in 2016. That list included more equitable distribution of income, dollar stability, greater business investment, increased infrastructure spending and a dose of common sense in politics.

  • From Cyborg to Cyber Monday: The Indirect Infiltration of AI

    White papers 28 December 2016

    The 1980s AI revival claimed that robots would alleviate the drudge jobs from our lives and free up plentiful leisure time, bringing rise to fears of a Terminator-style cyborg uprising, where humans became enslaved by their robotic overlords.

  • Inflation is Returning – But it’s Not Too Late to Switch to Inflation-linked Bonds

    White papers 6 December 2016

    Bond markets are selling off and investors’ year-to-date gains are melting. Higher inflation expectations have lately re-appeared on the list of market concerns. Bernhard Urech, a fixed income manager at GAM, points towards inflation-linked bonds as an effective way to hedge against this worry. But before rushing into the asset class, there are a few things to consider.

  • Chinese Equity Rally Imminent?

    White papers 29 November 2016

    Chinese shares rallied following the Trump election outcome and in contrast to most other emerging markets. GAM’s Asia-Pacific equity manager Michael Lai, who also runs a dedicated China portfolio, explains why he sees Chinese stocks well positioned for further upside.

  • Connecting China's Exchanges

    White papers 22 November 2016

    Jian Shi Cortesi, investment manager for Chinese equities at GAM, discusses the development of the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect Programme as it celebrates its second year anniversary.

  • Will Electric Vehicles Kill Oil Demand?

    White papers 20 September 2016

    Tesla’s electric vehicles continue to fascinate. Their silent, yet jaw-dropping acceleration ability is already legendary. The new, more affordable Model 3 will benefit from that reputation. Yet the question of how the world will change once electric car sales really start to take off receives surprisingly little interest.

  • Death of the 60:40 Portfolio?

    White papers 20 September 2016

    The portfolio construction favourite is no longer the safe bet it once was. With limited upside to bond and equity markets, Julian Howard, Investment Director at GAM, looks at alternative allocation approaches.

  • Multi Asset Perspectives: Time for something different? download

    White papers 12 August 2016

    Last week the global asset allocation committee met to review the prospects for capital markets. A summary of the main conclusions follows.

  • What's next for the EU banking sector?

    White papers 1 August 2016

    Comment from Davide Marchesin, fund manager in GAM’s non-directional equity team.

  • Slow and Steady Wins the Race

    White papers 1 August 2016

    Following a standout year in 2015, mortgage-backed securities (MBS) remain an attractive investment proposition thanks to their low volatility profile, which beats other medium and high-quality fixed income securities over time. Slow and steady very much wins the race in the MBS case.

  • Emerging Markets and the UK Referendum

    White papers 7 July 2016

    GAM Investment Director Paul McNamara looks at the impact of Britian’s surprise ‘leave’ vote on emerging market debt.

  • The Demise of the Zero Yield Bound

    White papers 16 June 2016

    Negative bond yields used to be a theoretical concept. However, they are fast becoming a feature of an ever-increasing amount of bonds. Tim Haywood, investment director for absolute-return strategies, explains how his team deals with and profits from this phenomenon.

  • Clinton, Trump & The Markets

    White papers 24 May 2016

    What does the US election race mean for market volatility? Comment from Sushil Wadhwani, CTA investment manager for GAM and CEO of Wadhwani Asset Management.

  • Multi Asset Perspectives: Focus On Capital Preservation download

    White papers 9 May 2016

    On 4 May, the GAM Asset Allocation Committee met to review global market conditions and fundamentals, as well as strategy implementation across multi asset portfolios.

  • Investing in Cat Bonds

    White papers 19 April 2016

    Dr John Seo, Co-Founder and Managing Principal at Fermat Capital Management LLC, talks about catastrophe bonds and why they may be an option for investors in a low yield environment.

  • Multi Asset Perspectives: Consolidation phase is likely download

    White papers 13 April 2016

    After a rollercoaster in the markets in the first few months of 2016, Larry Hatheway, GAM’s Chief Economist and Head of Multi Asset Portfolio Solutions, expects them to stabilise and move sideways.

  • Oil: The Turning Point is at Hand

    White papers 13 April 2016

    Roberto Cominotto, Investment Director for energy equities at GAM, is convinced that a sustainable turning point in the oil market is within reach, thanks to the decline in US production.

  • The Comeback of Value

    White papers 12 April 2016

    Hans Ulrich Jost, investment manager for European equities, explains why he believes that value stocks have finally started to stage a comeback after years of underperformance versus growth stocks.

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