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As the world's leading and most diverse derivatives marketplace, CME Group is where the world comes to manage risk. Through its exchanges, CME Group offers the widest range of global benchmark products across all major asset classes, including futures and options based on interest rates, equity indexes, foreign exchange, energy, agricultural products and metals. CME Group provides electronic trading globally on its CME Globex platform.

The company also offers clearing and settlement services across asset classes for exchange-traded and over-the-counter derivatives through its clearinghouse, CME Clearing. CME Group's products and services ensure that businesses around the world can effectively manage risk and achieve growth.

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  • Implementation: A cost comparison of futures and ETFs

    The investment management industry has seen a relentless drive to wring out costs. A good grasp of implementation cost of using different vehicles for the same strategy matters

  • Innovation: The ‘missing link’ in a new world

    In the new world of interest rate derivatives, asset managers need to engage in product innovation and technological change, argue David Bullen and Gavin Dixon

  • A future for swaps?

    Pension funds facing new derivative-market regulation are increasingly willing to consider alternatives to traditional swaps, according to Cécile Sourbes. But the jury is still out on interest rate swap futures

  • Securities Services: The indefinite article

    Article 47.3 of the technical standards of EMIR is about to pose challenging questions for Europe’s custody banks. Cécile Sourbes finds out why

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  • Equities & the Fed: A Dependent or Codependent Relationship?

    Equities & the Fed: A Dependent or Codependent Relationship?

    White papersTue, 9 Apr 2019

    Equities rose by double-digits since Christmas on expectations that the Fed will hold off on further rate hikes. What will fuel the next rally - a rate cut?

  • Portfolios and Investing: If/When “Winter” is Coming?

    White papersTue, 9 Apr 2019

    Did the Fed over-tighten monetary policy with its nine rate hikes, paving the way for an investment ‘winter’ in equities and bond markets?

  • Political Brinkmanship

    Political Brinkmanship

    White papersMon, 8 Apr 2019

    Could U.S. political brinkmanship cause a government shutdown and technical debt default, putting the economy at risk in the fourth quarter?

  • Grain, Oilseed Prices Dance to a new Global Tune

    White papersThu, 4 Apr 2019

    As global crop production diversifies geographically, prices for corn, soybean and wheat are becoming more sensitive to currencies like the ruble and real.

  • FX Leadership

    FX Leadership

    White papersMon, 1 Apr 2019

    Can the U.S. dollar maintain its leadership of global currencies amid a decelerating economy and the China trade war elevating risk in the United States?

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