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    The Role of Fossil Fuels in the Climate Transition


    Despite all the measures announced over the past decades to combat climate change, the recent supply shock from the war in Ukraine is a timely reminder to what extent we are still dependent on fossil fuels. While energy efficiency, renewables, fuel switching and carbon capture embody the solutions on the path to decarbonisation, the supply and management of fossil fuels such as oil, gas and nuclear will be key to ensure an orderly energy transition.

  • When the wind blows

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    When The Wind Blows


    In Q2 2022, the private equity market continued to show signs of softening across most metrics. Yet, while investment activity was materially lower in Q2 vs one year ago, overall levels are on par with pre-Covid (2019) investment activity. Notably, since last quarter, the pendulum has swung from North America to Europe, likely related to a catch-up effect after geopolitical uncertainty initially delayed European deal closings in Q1.

  • Private Equity ESG Report

    Research Report

    Private Equity ESG Report


    In our latest annual Private Equity ESG Report, we summarise the methodologies and results of our ESG integration and engagement efforts within our private equity business.

  • MiViews Q3 2022- Something’s Gotta Give

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    MiViews Q3 2022: Something’s Gotta Give


    Recession fears are growing while central banks continue to aggressively tighten to fight inflation. Although major central banks are now well engaged in the normalisation cycle, many are still well behind the curve, especially in developed countries. Although equity and bond markets have already suffered significant losses this year, ...

  • Is The End Nigh?

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    Is The End Nigh?


    The first half of 2022 ended on a truly sour note for financial markets, with central banks aggressively tightening while economies are weakening. In the past, any sign of a marked slowdown in the developed world would be met and resolved by the (in)famous Greenspan “put”, a quick and convenient fix to calm the markets and revive the economy via lower rates or quantitative easing, or a combination of both.

  • Analyst Expections Too Rosy Ahead Of Earnings Season

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    Analyst Expections Too Rosy Ahead Of Earnings Season


    Q2 2022 corporate earnings season has begun, and the next few weeks will see a majority of firms reporting on their ability to generate revenues and support margins in an environment fraught with economic slowdown and surging inflation. The last few reporting seasons have been characterised by firms handily beating muted earnings estimates, but with policy shifting from supportive to restrictive, this leitmotif may be challenged.

  • What Is Volatility Saying About The Macro Narrative?

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    What Is Volatility Saying About The Macro Narrative?


    The macro narrative changed considerably over the last 12 months: from a transitory inflation shock to runaway inflation, from supporting growth and unemployment to fighting inflation, from liquidity injections and goldilocks to balance sheet reduction and the end of easy money. As a result, financial markets reacted sharply to this regime shift, affecting returns, correlations, and dispersions across and within assets.

  • An Introduction to Unigestion’s Macro Nowcasters Real-Time Tracking of the Economy

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    An Introduction to Unigestion’s Macro Nowcasters Real-Time Tracking of the Economy


    Most of the crucial information needed to assess economic conditions comes with too great a lag to make opportune investment decisions. Key growth and inflation data are often published at least a month after the fact and can be subject to revisions, adding further delay. Sometimes a year can pass before a recession is officially declared.

  • How to Build a Top-Performing Private Equity Portfolio in Uncertain Times

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    How to Build a Top-Performing Private Equity Portfolio in Uncertain Times


    Unigestion has developed a robust and proven investment strategy that is well-suited to all market scenarios. Our investment process focuses on seven core investment themes which are underpinned by long-term trends and less correlated to economic growth.

  • Low Risk Stocks- an asset in times of stagflation?

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    Low Risk Stocks: an asset in times of stagflation?


    With inflation at multi-decade highs in several countries and with no end in sight, stagflation has become a real concern. In an environment of high inflation and low growth prospects, along with restrictive monetary policies, dispersion within the equity market will increase, leading to resilient returns in some area ...

  • Chinese Economy Nearing Inflection Point.joeg

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    Chinese Economy Nearing Inflection Point


    The Chinese economy is a cautionary tale for policymakers: early and aggressive restrictions kept the virus contained and allowed the economy to recover strongly and ahead of most others. Outbreaks were contained from March 2020 until the beginning of this year, when the omicron variant sent confirmed cases soaring.

  • Chinese Economy Nearing Inflection Point.joeg

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    Transition Phase


    The month of May ended in such a way, that a casual observer looking at final performance numbers would find it hard to believe just how volatile and uncertain it actually was. The end-of-month recovery contrasted with an earlier correction that sent some markets to year-to-date lows (or highs).