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  • Questions for real estate markets in 2023

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    Top 10… Questions for real estate markets in 2023


    A year ago, the world remained in the grips of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Omicron variant had just emerged. 12 months on and the pandemic has largely subsided, only to be replaced by a brutal war in Ukraine and inflation reaching multi-decade highs. 

  • IPM – Edition December 2022

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    IPM – Edition December 2022


    3Q22 was a challenging one for private markets. Spreads between risk-free rates have narrowed or even reversed, leverage costs have soared and the economic outlook has weakened further. In this environment, it is crucial existing portfolios are positioned against some of the headwinds we know are coming next year.

  • Possibilities and developments of the UK life sciences sector

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    Top 10 with… Interview with our experts on life sciences


    “With a strong growth potential and a distinct social angle, the life sciences sector is developing at a fast pace, increasing investors’ interest in securing a spot in this forward-looking niche. But access is selective, and industry expertise isn’t enough to be successful.”

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    Private markets investing through an ESG lens

    Top 10 with… Interview with Olivia Muir on ESG in private markets

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    Strong results! 2022 GRESB Real Estate and Infrastructure Assessments


    Following on from previous years, UBS Asset Management, Real Estate & Private Markets’ (REPM) sustainability efforts continue to be recognized by the industry, with strong and improved results in the 2022 GRESB Real Estate and Infrastructure Assessments.

  • – European real estate

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    Diversification with opportunity – European real estate


    European real estate offers investors the opportunity to diversify their existing portfolio while participating in long-term trends. Swiss private investors, for example, usually focus on the domestic real estate market. However, institutional investors have recognized the opportunities and advantages of European real estate in recent years and have started to introduce foreign investments into their existing portfolios. 

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    Growth and evolution of the real estate sector


    The current macroeconomic environment is having repercussions for all asset classes. The real estate sector continues to remain strong, offering a good protection hedge to inflation thanks to its robust nature and low correlation to other asset classes.

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    Poised for growth


    Despite a surge in investor interest, UK life sciences remains a very niche real estate sub-sector. For the investment proposition to stack-up, the underlying occupier fundamentals must repay the risks associated with investing in an emerging sector.

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    Real Estate Outlook – Europe, Edition September 2022


    The economic outlook for the UK and eurozone deteriorated further over the course of 2Q22. An optimistic scenario is for a soft-landing, where economic growth slows significantly in 2023 but narrowly stays in positive territory on an annual basis.

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    Insights into private markets (IPM)


    Insights into Private Markets (IPM) is our next generation Real Estate Outlook (REO). IPM uncovers key insights across real estate, infrastructure, food & agriculture, private equity and private credit.

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    An update on the global rental housing sector


    Brice Hoffer, Head of Real Estate Research & Strategy – DACH gives an update on the global rental housing sector, its attractive features and how it fits in the current macroeconomic scenario and inflationary environment.

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    Growth of the global rental housing sector


    The rental housing sector has been experiencing global growth for years, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. The increasing occupier demand and the steady nature of residential rental income are some key drivers for this trend.