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    The WHO’s WHO of Swiss real estate 2024


    Dalibor Maksimovic, Head of Swiss Real Estate Securities has once again been recognized in the 100 leading personalities of the Swiss real estate industry 2024. He joins Daniel Bruellmann, Head of Real Estate DACH and Urs Faes, Head Real Estate Funds of the Swiss real estate business, who were also selected for another year. The WHO’s WHO of the Swiss real estate industry is traditionally selected in July by the magazine Immobilien Business – Switzerland’s leading real estate magazine.

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    Room to grow: Bidwells article on the role of real estate in the commercialization of R&D


    The creation of any ready-to-use product from Research & Development (R&D) needs to consider the ‘five Ps’ of Good Manufacturing Process (GMP)

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    Real estate déjà vu - Has life sciences real estate become the next logistics sector?


    A bit more than a decade ago, in 2011, a (at the time) somewhat obscure real estate sector was in the initial stage of its S-shaped growth trajectory. Its share in global real estate investment portfolios was less than 10% and concentrated in the US. This was the industrial (logistics) sector.

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    Real Estate Outlook – Europe, Edition May 2024: A new cycle begins


    Inflation has not been beaten yet. We’ve come a long way from the highs of inflation and interest rates – and the ensuing capital value correction. A new cycle is in its infancy, but the effects of the last one still linger.

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    Real Estate Outlook – Europe, Edition May 2024 A new cycle begins


    We’ve come a long way from the highs of inflation and interest rates – and the ensuing capital value correction. A new cycle is in its infancy, but the effects of the last one still linger.

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    Real Estate Outlook – Global, Edition May 2024 Approaching the bottom


    In the first three months of 2024 US economic growth was positive, but weaker than expected. GDP expanded at an annualized pace of 1.6% quarter on quarter (QoQ), a sharp downshift from the 3.4% annualized in 4Q23.

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    Global real estate - Opportunities as market bottoms out


    Why add unlisted real estate to your traditional 60/40 portfolio? The paradigm for global inflation and interest rates may have changed, but unlisted real estate still has a key role to play in a multi-asset portfolio. The role of unlisted real estate and its required risk-return has changed as the risk-free rate has moved from zero and below.

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    Navigating growth: Real estate trends and opportunities in the European life sciences market


    A large part of economic activity takes place within buildings. Therefore, real estate must meet the needs of the real economy as it develops and grows. The life sciences industry and its real estate demand are on the rise, aided by demographics and scientific progress. Thus, real estate focused on meeting the increasing needs of this part of the economy represents an attractive risk-adjusted investment opportunity for value-add and core investors alike.

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    Resilience in life sciences: IREI article on the UK versus US life sciences markets


    The definition of life sciences real estate - For the purpose of this article, life sciences is defined as an industry that comprises companies involved in the research, development and manufacture of pharmaceuticals, therapies and medical devices, which help to foster medical innovations with the ultimate aim of extending the length and quality of human life. Life sciences real estate is property specifically designed and built for companies within the industry.

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    IPM – Edition May 2024: Our semi-annual insights into private markets


    The path that real asset owners have trodden over the last two years has been challenging. Investment volumes have hit record lows in some markets, at least in terms of inflation-adjusted figures. The bifurcation between markets’ performance has also been vast: according to MSCI1, US offices have seen their capital values drop by more than 30% from year-end 2021, while US industrial values are up nearly 5% over the same time period. And while not as extreme, similar stories can be said for many other private markets.

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    Green leases - IREI article on sustainable practices in real estate


    Green leases have proved popular among landlords and tenants alike to ensure that properties are being operated in a sustainable manner. What are green leases, how have they evolved, and how can building owners practically implement them in existing real estate portfolios?

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    IPM monthly blog – Edition April 2024: Our monthly insights into private markets


    Second half recovery hinges on rates outlook - The US inflation data has surprised to the upside for three consecutive months. US treasury yields rose as a result and the rest of the world followed.