Timbercreek is a global alternative investment manager focused on real estate. We maximise returns for investors by employing a value-oriented investment philosophy combined with an active management style to identify assets that will generate predictable cash flow over the long term. We have earned a reputation for providing conservatively managed, risk-averse investment opportunities for institutions, trusts and endowment funds, discretionary investment advisors and qualified individuals. Our core competency is our ability to accurately value cash-flowing assets based on a comprehensive analysis of the quality and sustainability of their current and future revenue streams. This fundamental knowledge of bricks-and-mortar investing is critical to identifying high-quality real estate investment opportunities. Timbercreek’s global real estate investment platform currently manages over C$10bn* in both private and public real estate equity and debt in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Investment structures include core, value-add and opportunistic strategies that are offered through separate accounts and commingled private and public funds. Timbercreek is headquartered in Toronto with offices in New York, Hamburg, Dublin and Hong Kong.

* As of September 2019. Includes syndicated debt.

Sector forecasts

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Investment principles & strategy

Timbercreek focuses on identifying and valuing real estate investment opportunities on a risk-adjusted basis. We source investment opportunities across the capital stack and access stable, inflation-hedged cash flow by investing in real estate directly, investing in debt secured by real estate and by investing in companies (publicly and privately) that own investment-grade real estate. We maximise value by employing a value-oriented investment philosophy combined with an active, hands-on asset management platform to identify opportunities that will generate predictable and sustainable long-term cash flow. We have earned a reputation for providing conservatively managed, riskaverse investment opportunities for our investors. The following strategies are offered through focused mandates as well as through integrated and customised solutions to meet individual investment mandates:

Private Equity: These strategies are comprised primarily of direct real estate investments in a portfolio of multi-residential properties across Canada that we own and manage. We also invest in other commercial real estate sectors, primarily in North America, through our global investment platform as well as through partnerships with high- quality owners/operators.

Private Debt: Timbercreek targets inefficiencies in markets where economic and regulatory changes have caused constraints in capital to real estate investors. We have identified these conditions emerging in global real estate markets, spurred by ongoing debt crises. Timbercreek’s debt investment strategies are designed to meet the specific duration and risk/return requirements of our investors and are supported by a team of experienced originators/underwriters located in Canada, the US and Ireland.

Global Real Estate Securities: Timbercreek offers global real estate exposure through investments in public equity and debt securities. Our global securities platform allows us to create tailored solutions for investors seeking global real estate exposure and to provide investment strategies that can efficiently capitalise on mispricing in different global markets. We employ the same bottom-up approach we take to real estate investments when investing in public securities, which is to underwrite the assets directly, but primarily access the bricks-and-mortar through publicly listed real estate securities.

Performance verification

Timbercreek Investment Management Inc. (TIMI), a subsidiary of Timbercreek Asset Management, is the manager of Timbercreek global real estate securities strategies. TIMI claims compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®). To receive a list of composite descriptions and/ or presentation that complies with GIPS standards, contact TIMI at


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