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    A Case For: Sustainable Climate Bond Strategy


    Our climate-aware investment process aims to enable investors to immediately improve their portfolio’s carbon profile and reduce climate risk, while maintaining target returns.

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    Midyear 2023 Global Market Outlook: Preparing for a Path Less Certain


    Heightened liquidity risk and softening growth prospects demand vigilance from investors. Persistent uncertainty and recession risks warrant cautious portfolio positioning. Looking forward, the relevant question is what comes next? 

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    Climate Facts: Climate Change is Here and It’s an Investment Issue


    The facts about climate change and the unique opportunities for bond investors. The future won’t wait. Start your transition today. 

  • Reduce Carbon

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    Climate Bond Investing: Reduce the Carbon, Fund the Transition


    We believe climate change is one of the biggest risks in investment portfolios today. But, with this risk also comes tremendous investment opportunity, as the economy reworks against the impact of climate change. 

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    Global High Yield Update – Q1 2023


    This year’s volatile first quarter seemed to barely dent GHY. And, with the fundamentals in reasonably good shape, matched with all-in yields at around 8.5%, is it time to look again at GHY?

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    Emerging Market Debt: After the Storm


    Lyubka Dushanova, Portfolio Strategist, EMD, outlines why investors should reassess prospects for EMD right now. Along with a quick look back at 2022, Lyubka flags where opportunities lie in the asset class and explains why we believe an indexed approach makes sense.

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    Revisiting EMD: Brighter Days Ahead?


    Although 2022 was volatile for EMD, a brighter outlook is developing against the backdrop of China’s reopening, peaking inflation and interest rates, and signs that US dollar strength could fade. Given current valuations, EMD merits renewed consideration by investors.

  • Taking Stock of the European Banking Sector

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    Taking Stock of the European Banking Sector


    Understandably, markets have been in panic mode over the past few weeks. However, as market sentiment moves beyond this tumultuous period, and other factors remain stabilized in the external environment, European banks, we believe, are well positioned to regain their momentum on the back.

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    Fixed Income Roadmap 2023


    After a tough period, things are changing in Fixed Income - where should you be looking now? We see 2023 as the year where central banks try to balance credible inflation management with the avoidance of needless economic pain - by no means an easy task! Our Fixed Income Roadmap visualises just where investors should be looking now.

  • Brighter Times for Bonds? Where to Look, What to Do in 2023Brighter Times for Bonds? Where to Look, What to Do in 2023

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    Brighter Times for Bonds? Where to Look, What to Do in 2023


    Last year was tough for bonds but now things are changing and there are opportunities out there. Expect choppy conditions but also attractive prospects for tactical and perhaps strategic re-positioning. Our latest fixed income insights assesses where the market is heading, what makes sense to invest in now and what should you hold off on.

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    State Street Global Advisors’ Approach to ESG Screening: Methodology


    Investors who seek screened portfolios often express a desire for screening in a specific area — for example, seeking to screen tobacco from a portfolio. There are several ways in which a company can be considered to be involved in a particular product or service.

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    Physical Climate Risk Data: A Primer and Evaluation


    A wide range of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data vendors are now providing physical climate risk data in addition to traditional carbon data. Physical climate risk data is powerful forward-looking data that measures physical risk, which broadly encompasses the quantification of a company or country’s exposure to natural catastrophes that could be reliably tied to climate change and a warming environment.