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Our One Earth, Countless Experiences Approach

Today’s investors and consumers demand sustainable offerings. We don’t believe success in business is only measured financially, and neither do our stakeholders. But financial returns and good sustainability and governance are strongly correlated. Not only is an ESG approach the right thing to do, but investors want it because it’s future-proof and has cost benefits and offers uplift. Consumers are increasingly practicing ethical consumption and hospitality is no exception – they want to enjoy experiences without compromising their own environmental responsibilities. The public, governments, and communities we operate in increasingly expect and deserve this approach.

We are introducing One Earth, Countless Experiences as a core part of our brand. Pro-invest has always been an ESG leader in the hotel sector. This initiative means ESG principles will be applied full circle to the whole platform. A true ESG approach is not just a coat of green paint, and should run through everything, big and small, seen and unseen. It has never been superficial for us, and now we are ensuring it is in all fibres of our organisation, quite literally from the ground up, from our modular, carbon-neutral, fully recyclable carpeting to giving back to communities. Stakeholders will be involved in our ESG initiatives throughout our journey, from funding to asset development and management to guest experiences. In practice this means targeting local and sustainable food, zero waste principles, land preservation and so on applied to all details.

Sky New’s coverage of the COP26 Summit Event

Pro-invest Group was delighted to be asked to be part of the Sky News’ coverage of the COP26 Summit event in Glasgow in November 2021.

Presenter Stephen Dixon SKYNews invited Dr Sabine Schaffer, Managing Partner & Co-CEO, to talk about running a carbon-neutral business to attract today’s eco-conscious guests to our hotels. Sabine highlights the innovations the group factors into the design and construction phase of a hotel, including “smart” rooms, environmentally friendly building materials, energy-generating lifts, solar-powered swimming pools, and even green mini-bars.