Europe: a hot spot in the fast-moving world of data centres

When it comes to data centres, the speed of evolution of the market might be best demonstrated by considering the incredible increase in data used in our everyday lives. Today, more data is created in an hour than was produced in an entire year two decades ago. By 2025, the sum of generated data will eclipse 175 Zettabytes (ZB), up from only 18ZB in 2015

Major markets in Europe are experiencing firsthand this dramatic growth in data consumption—driven by innovative economies and high personal incomes. Latency is a real sticking point for consumers and businesses and the physical location of a data centre will determine how large a population it can efficiently serve. As a result, critical data centre hubs have emerged in the Tier 1 centres of Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam, and Paris (often referred to as the FLAP markets), forming the core of a system crucial to both European and global economies, and this phenomenon is spreading to Tier 2 cities across Europe.

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