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    Measuring the Value of a Portfolio Liquidity Line


    Cash is needed to provide portfolio liquidity, but it often carries a high opportunity cost. While CIOs may contemplate reallocating a portion of portfolio cash into investment assets to help improve expected portfolio returns, they know that having cash on hand is beneficial to cover unexpected liquidity needs and avoid having to sell assets, especially during poor market environments. But is there a better way to balance the costs and benefits of cash?

  • Webinar Replay- Stock-Bond Correlation- A Global Perspective


    Webinar Replay: Stock-Bond Correlation: A Global Perspective


    For most of their careers, asset allocators have invested in a negative stock-bond correlation world. When stocks fall, sovereign bonds rising generally rise in value – providing a hedge against equities within a diversified portfolio.

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    Stock-Bond Correlation: A Global Perspective


    The correlation between stock and bond returns has been reliably and persistently negative for the last two decades across Developed Markets (DM) – matching the US experience. During this regime, stocks and bonds have hedged one another, dampening overall portfolio risk for a given level of equity allocation.

  • Cryptocurrency Investing - Powerful Diversifier or Portfolio Kryptonite?

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    Cryptocurrency Investing - Powerful Diversifier or Portfolio Kryptonite?


    Red dogs, stump tails and blue pups were just some of the creative names for the ultimately doomed currencies issued by poorly capitalized state-chartered banks during the wildcat banking era in U.S. monetary history from 1837 to 1863 – until Congress finally passed legislation that created a single centrally backed national U.S. currency.

  • PGIM - New Frontiers

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    New Frontiers: Finding the Untapped Opportunities in Alts


    Investors are faced with a host of challenges in today’s market. Whether it be a war raging in Europe, the prospect of higher inflation and interest rates, or an equity market that may look frothy after a relentless run higher, the way forward for traditional investments may not appear as appealing as it was in past years.

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    The Accidental Plan Sponsor Podcast - S.2 EP.2: The Down Under Edition


    Here’s what you need to know about Australia’s Retirement System: It’s really big. It’s government mandated. It’s privately run. It’s really sophisticated.

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    Super Funds & Master Trusts in a World of Member Switching, Early Release Schemes & Climate Calamities


    As defined contribution (DC) plans have grown and have increasingly become the primary retirement savings vehicle, asset allocators are increasingly interested in incorporating illiquid private assets in these retirement funds to offer participants access to investment portfolios and risk-adjusted returns similar to defined benefit (DB) plans or larger institutional portfolios.

  • PGIM - S2 E1


    The Accidental Plan Sponsor Podcast - S.2 Ep. 1: The Chicago Boys And The Chilean Model


    Our tour around the globe starts in South America. Chile has been seen in retirement circles as an early pioneer in reforming their retirement system in the late 1970’s.  While studied and admired by many, there are many more layers to the story when viewed from historical and current events.

  • The OUTThinking Investor Podcast


    The OUTThinking Investor Podcast


    Modern capital markets move faster and are more complex than ever, bringing together participants with oftentimes clashing goals and constraints. But by gaining a richer understanding of the market’s ongoing evolution—from its remarkable origins to its tantalizing future—investors will be better equipped to navigate the changing dynamics of global financial markets.

  • The Journey to Net Zero- From Greenflation to Greenium

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    The Journey to Net Zero: From Greenflation to Greenium


    As big events like November 2021’s COP26 climate conference show, climate change is the most pressing challenge of our generation. More than 30,000 people from over 200 countries will fly to Glasgow to urgently debate the path to net zero. With a third of all investments now sustainable, the momentum towards decarbonizing the globe is building. 

  • 10 Transformational Technologies Powering the 21st Century

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    10 Transformational Technologies Powering the 21st Century


    Are we living through the most influential time ever? A hinge moment in history? There are those who argue that we are, as new technological discoveries are implemented faster than ever before.

  • Megatrends - Reshaping Services

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    Megatrends: Reshaping Services


    The investment implications of technological disruption