New Green Hydrogen fund KGAL ESPF 6 invests in Arcadia eFuels climate-neutral e-kerosene production facility

Following its first close, the new Article 9 impact fund KGAL ESPF 6 invests in Arcadia eFuels hydrogen-based production facility in Vordingborg, Denmark.

From mid-2026, the plant is expected to produce approximately 68,000 tonnes climate-neutral synthetic aviation fuel (eSAF) per year using self-produced green hydrogen. Arcadia eFuels will be producing eSAF on a scale that perfectly aligns with the EU’s recent decision to introduce a mandatory quota for sustainable aviation fuel.

“From aviation and logistics to the steel and chemical industries, from water treatment to agriculture – almost anywhere that direct decarbonisation through green power reaches its limits, green hydrogen can be the solution,” explains Michael Ebner, Managing Director of KGAL Investment Management. “Given the multitude of possible applications, there is enormous potential. Straits Research, for example, forecasts that the green hydrogen market in Europe will grow by an average of 55 percent per year up to 2030.”

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