People (12)

  • Nathalie Palladitcheff

    President and Chief Executive Officer

    Nathalie Palladitcheff is responsible for the Company’s overall strategy, growth and evolution. Since 2020, she has undertaken a transformation of the portfolio to bring the Company to a new stage of its development with an emphasis on innovation and diversification. As the head of a subsidiary of CDPQ, she sits on CDPQ’s Executive Committee. She is also Chair of FREY’s Mission Committee, Chair of REALPAC since January 2023 and is a Global Governing Trustee for ULI Americas since July 2022.

  • Annie Houle

    Head of Canada

    She oversees all investments in Canada and is responsible for improving the property value chain and elevating the approach to asset management in Canada.

  • Élise Proulx

    Head, Economic Development, Quebec

    Élise Proulx leads Ivanhoé Cambridge’s business development and investment strategy, with a view to securing the organization’s legacy within the province and executing on its dual mission of creating value for its depositors and communities.

  • Ezio Sicurella

    Head of the United States and Latin America

    Ezio Sicurella is responsible for Ivanhoé Cambridge’s investment activities in United States and Latin America. In that regard, he oversees all investments in those regions and is responsible of enhancing the value-creation chain related to our properties and elevating our asset-management approach.

  • Karim Habra

    Head of Europe and Co-Head of Asia-Pacific

    Karim Habra is responsible for the Europe and Asia-Pacific teams at Ivanhoé Cambridge and in that capacity, he oversees all the Company’s real estate operations in these markets.

  • George Agethen

    Co-Head of Asia-Pacific

    George Agethen is responsible for the investment and asset-management strategies outlined in the Ivanhoé Cambridge’s annual business and strategic plans. He works closely with the Asset Management, Growth Markets team and collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to put in place and consolidate strategic partnerships for major projects being developed in the Asia-Pacific region.

  • Denis Boulianne

    Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary

    Denis Boulianne manages all the activities of the Legal department of Ivanhoé Cambridge, including assisting the investment teams with acquisitions, dispositions, financings, partnerships and property development projects, as well as with operations related to assets under direct management. He is also responsible for the Corporate and Compliance team and is Secretary of the Board of Directors of Ivanhoé Cambridge Inc.

  • Simon Lauzier

    Chief Financial and Business Performance Officer

    Since 2019, Simon Lauzier oversees Ivanhoe Cambridge’s portfolio construction, finance, and digital teams as Chief Financial and Business Performance Officer. In his role, Mr. Lauzier has been in building the teams and infrastructure to support IC’s growth and enhance its performance.

  • Carlyle Émile

    Chief People and Purpose Officer

    Carlyle Émile is responsible for all human resources management activities at Ivanhoé Cambridge, as well as public affairs and communications. His duties include establishing a strategic framework for talent acquisition and management, succession plans, performance management, total compensation, changing skill and expertise needs and corporate culture.

  • Michèle Hubert

    Chief Operating Officer (COO)

    She is responsible for coordinating Ivanhoé Cambridge’s global operations, maximizing synergies between teams, and ensuring better return-risk-resilience integration within our portfolio. She is also responsible for activities related to Risk, CSR and Strategy.

  • Markus Enders

    Chief Risk and Research Officer

    As Chief Risk and Research Officer, Markus Enders is responsible for ensuring effective and optimal risk management for investment processes and business management.

  • Stéphane Villemain

    Head of Sustainable Investment

    Stéphane Villemain is responsible for the sustainable investment strategy and all related activities, contributing to Ivanhoé Cambridge’s portfolio resilience in addition to creating positive impact in the communities where the company is present.