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  • China- A giant in transition

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    China: A giant in transition


    For nearly 40 years, investors have seen China as a fast-growing, emergent economy, on its way to achieving middle-income status. More recently a different narrative has emerged, portraying China as stumbling badly, weighed down by excess debt and investment, an aging population, and the end of globalization. Investment Strategist Christy Tan and her colleagues believe the truth about China is neither as optimistic nor as pessimistic as is currently fashionable.

  • Macro Perspectives- Diverging views on the economic path

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    Macro Perspectives: Diverging views on the economic path


    Are current US market dynamics “too hot, too cold or just right?” What are the impacts of rising interest rates? What is the case for diversification? Our economists discuss these questions in our latest Macro Perspectives.

  • An update on our ESG scores

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    Sovereign Fixed Income: An update on our ESG scores


    In their latest publication, Templeton Global Macro takes a closer look into renewable energy and the impact of advances in this space, especially for emerging market countries.

  • Energy transition- Accelerating investment opportunities

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    Energy transition: Accelerating investment opportunities


    Arguably, humanity’s greatest current challenge is the need to shift to low and net-zero carbon in a little less than 30 years. These challenges create investment opportunities as investors have a critical role given the capital required to fund this transition. Our specialist investment managers explore energy transition and the new technologies and infrastructures required.

  • Credit Roundtable- What Comes Next for Corporate Credit?

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    Credit Roundtable: What Comes Next for Corporate Credit?


    Do liquidity walls pose a danger to credit markets? While both investment grade and high yield defaults have remained mild, are these numbers expected to stay low? Katie Klingensmith, Bill Zox and Andrew Bogle (Brandywine Global) discuss the outlook for corporate credit.

  • India- Liberalization and globalization model driving growth

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    India: Liberalization and globalization model driving growth


    India’s prime minister is embracing a liberalization and globalization model. While investors are aware of India’s ambitious targets for growth, exports and consumption, they may be less aware of the commitment to innovation and liberalization required to achieve these targets.

  • Central Bank Watch- Settle in for a long pause

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    Central Bank Watch: Settle in for a long pause


    The Franklin Templeton Fixed Income (FTFI) Central Bank Watch is a qualitative assessment of the central banks for the Group of Ten (G10) nations plus two additional countries (China and South Korea).

  • Global Investment Outlook- A broadening opportunity set

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    Global Investment Outlook: A broadening opportunity set


    Our investment teams across asset classes share where they see investment opportunities in our latest Global Investment Outlook. Today, we see a much broader opportunity set across asset classes and regions, and the outlook over the remainder of this year (and into 2024) appears favorable for balanced portfolios.

  • What’s next for gilts and the United Kingdom?

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    Fixed Income: What’s next for gilts and the United Kingdom?


    Gilt prices have been struggling this past year due to surging inflation and interest-rate increases. David Zahn, Franklin Templeton Fixed Income’s Head of European Fixed Income, shares his outlook for the UK economy and why he thinks now is a good time to consider investing in gilts.

  • Stress testing the foundations- Analyzing the vulnerability of US banks to falling commercial real estate values

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    Stress testing the foundations: Analyzing the vulnerability of US banks to falling commercial real estate values


    The commercial real estate sector’s continued challenges could potentially impact US banks. Franklin Templeton Fixed Income’s Shawn Lyons discusses the ongoing commercial real estate crisis and how US banks are safeguarding themselves against these issues.

  • Opportunity in Investment-Grade Credit

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    Opportunity in Investment-Grade Credit


    Investment-grade credit is currently offering impressive yields, with relatively less risk than other fixed income sectors, according to Josh Lohmeier of Franklin Templeton Fixed Income. He makes a case for investing in the space today.

  • Commercial real estate outlook- There’s a storm on the horizon. Then what?

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    Commercial real estate outlook: There’s a storm on the horizon. Then what?


    Benefit Street Partners believe the reduction in traditional bank lending capacity will likely create many attractive opportunities both to acquire deeply discounted loans and to lend on high-quality properties.