People (7)

  • Rob Sim

    Rob Sim

    Managing Partner

    Rob is the Managing Partner of Europa and a member of the value-add Investment Committee.

  • Russell Chaplin

    Russell Chaplin

    Chief Investment Officer

    Russell is the Chief Investment Officer at Europa and is responsible for the delivery of Europa’s investment goals.

  • Robert Martin

    Robert Martin

    Partner, Head of Investments

    Robert is a Partner and a member of the value-add Investment Committee at Europa.

  • Andy Watson

    Andy Watson

    Partner, Fund Manager

    Andy is a Partner at Europa and is the Fund Manager for the Europa Diversified Income Fund.

  • Rachel Hanke

    Rachel Hanke

    Managing Director - Fund Manager Europa Fund VI

    Rachel is the Fund Manager for Europa Fund VI, the sixth in Europa’s series of value-add funds investing across Europe.

  • Simon Hooper

    Simon Hooper

    Partner – Fund Manager, Europa Funds III, IV and V

    Simon is the Fund Manager for Europa’s value-add funds III, IV and V.

  • Roberto Varandas

    Roberto Varandas

    Managing Director, Head of Business Development

    Roberto is responsible for leading Europa’s fundraising initiatives as well as expanding new and existing investor and consultant relationships in the EMEA region for MEC’s global real estate investment management platform, MEC Global Partners.