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  • A tale of two responses

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    A tale of two responses


    The bond markets have evolved so much since the last crisis it is difficult to imagine how anyone could have written a more epic script, particularly when it comes to what constitutes the new “normal” level of yields and to the ever-expanding roles of central banks - the US Federal Reserve Bank (the Fed) and the European Central Bank (ECB) being at the forefront of this.

  • Rebooting Property In A New Age Of Disruption

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    Rebooting Property In A New Age Of Disruption


    In my last blog, I discussed how the covid-19 crisis would accelerate trends already underway in the property industry, namely digitisation, remote working and sustainability. As we begin to see what life after lockdown may look like, one thing for certain is that developers, landlords and occupiers together will be faced with unique opportunities to help make these changes lead to a fairer, greener and more resilient world. 

  • The New World Of Work

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    The New World Of Work


    While digital technologies have been transforming how and where we work for some time now, the coronavirus has quickly shown us that the warning signs for pandemics like this and the slower burn of global warming were there for those who were paying attention. The question for the commercial property market is what more could landlords and corporate occupiers have been doing to accommodate the already increasing demands for remote working and connectivity before the virus struck?

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    Property and the road to sustainability


    While most of us ended 2019 engrossed in Britain’s General Election and the fate of Brexit, the property industry continued to show its resilience and look beyond 2020 with increasing demand from occupiers and investors for more sustainable, high-tech and people-focused office space. 2019 showed not only how technological advancements are forcing more radical change but also how property landlords who don’t adapt could soon be left behind.  As we enter the 2020s, the pressure to futureproof buildings, new and existing, is only going to become more crucial. 

  • sustainable cities a new age for property

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    Sustainable Cities: A new age for property


    While rapid urbanisation has created greater wealth and economic output, it also has exerted severe pressure on the environment and public health. According to the United Nations, currently 75% of the world’s carbon emissions and 50% of waste come from cities, with at least 40% of the former from properties. As more than half of the world’s human population already lives in urban areas, demand for sustainable housing and work spaces in cities has reached a crucial point.

  • London Property: Love it or Leave it?

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    London Property: Love it or Leave it?


    Lack of availability, not demand

  • image the uk high street whats in store copy

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    The UK High Street: What's in store?


    Ongoing economic, technological and socio-demographic shifts have strained bricks-and-mortar retailers for some time now

  • esg evolution or revolution

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    Evolution or revolution: ESG investment in the real estate sector


    At the end of an extraordinary year of heightened demand in Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) investments across numerous asset classes, opportunities for long-term, sustainable investing in the real estate management industry are now becoming a bigger focus.

  • opportunities growth prospects in regional office markets

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    Opportunities & growth prospects in regional office markets


    There has been a strong revival in occupier and investor activity in the major UK regional office markets recently, reversing the trend seen since the Global Financial Crisis and confounding the current slowdown seen in regional retail markets. 

  • how can department stores adapt to the digital age of retailing

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    How can department stores adapt to the digital age of retailing?


    House of Fraser recently announced that it is seeking emergency funding from specialist lenders to save its struggling UK retail business, as its Chinese owner is in talks to sell a large stake of its ownership share. 

  • how should we respond to the prop tech revolution

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    How should we respond to the PropTech revolution?


    There has been a lot of hype in the property media recently about the PropTech revolution and what it means for the mainstream property industry, which has typically been viewed as being slow to adapt to new innovations. 

  • food beverage

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    Food & Beverage: Are we past the peak?


    The last five years have seen a boom in the growth of the food and beverage property market in the UK, while the retail market has been struggling and become highly polarised in terms of occupier demand.