People (4)

  • Len O’Donnell

    CEO & Chairman

    Len O'Donnell serves as Chief Executive Officer & Chairman of Affinius Capital, overseeing the company's approximately $35 billion of assets under management for the benefit of the investment portfolio and its 200+ investor clients. With over 30 years of experience in real estate, Len chairs the firm's Investment and Executive Committees and serves on its board of directors.

  • Will McIntosh, PhD

    Global Head of Research

    Will McIntosh is Global Head of Research for Affinius Capital and is responsible for assisting with the development of commercial real estate investment strategy and managing in-house global research with the objective of informing and enhancing the real estate investment process.

  • Patrick Seung

    Managing Director, Asia Global Investors Group

    Patrick Seung serves as Managing Director of the Global Investors Group for Affinius Capital in the Seoul, Korea office. Patrick is responsible for establishing and maintaining relationships with institutional investors, their managers, advisors and consultants, both domestically and internationally, with the intent of attracting capital to Affinius Capital’s platform.

  • Scott Stuckman

    Executive Managing Director – Head of Global Investors Group

    Scott Stuckman serves as Executive Managing Director – Head of Global Investors Group for Affinius Capital. Scott is responsible for the implementation of investment strategies for fund and separate account investments, investor relations and capital raising activities.