Invel is an independent private equity real estate firm led by Christophoros Papachristophorou, who founded the firm in 2013. The firm is focussed on opportunistic and value-add strategies across Europe. Mr. Papachristophorou has been in the real estate investment and management business for twenty-nine (29) years and before setting-up Invel, he was Managing Director and Global Head of Deutsche Bank RREEF Opportunistic Investments. The senior members of Invel overseeing the investment and management of the firm have worked together through market cycles and have a combined experience of one hundred and twenty-two (122) years. The management team has a deep through the cycles experience across the European region with a strong and proven track record. Since inception, Invel has built a market-leading position in Southern Europe whilst it has selectively pursued transactions in other European markets across investment themes and asset classes where it has in-depth experience and a competitive advantage. Its local presence and extensive experience in its chosen European markets enables it to identify and efficiently execute a broad range of real estate investment opportunities. Invel has deployed €1.6bn of capital and manages €3.7bn of AUM in real estate investments through both funds and co-investment structures on behalf of global institutional investors. 

Investment Strategy and Competitive Edge: 

Invel targets situations of mispricing, market dislocations or market inefficiencies deploying equity and debt capital across value-oriented strategies based on value creation through the combination of i) Invel’s local sourcing capabilities, ii) a rigorous underwriting and acquisition process, iii) an active asset management strategy executed internally, iv) transaction structuring seeking to maximise returns whilst mitigating risks, and v) unlocking value in sophisticated transactions by leveraging its combined real estate and corporate finance expertise. 

Proven track record: 

Invel is a leading European value-oriented private equity real estate firm and has been one of the most successful real estate investors since its inception in 2013, particularly in Southern Europe. 

Highly experienced team: 

Invel employs thirty-eight (38) professionals out of seven (7) offices across Europe. The management team has deep experience through real estate cycles, investment themes and asset classes. Through our local offices, our teams are embedded in the local communities to ensure first-hand access to investment opportunities across the capital structure. The team’s broad and unique expertise allows Invel to invest not just in direct real estate assets, but also to underwrite investments through corporate acquisitions or securities which have additional layers of complexity. 

Proprietary deal sourcing: 

Invel’s local presence and dominant market position in Southern Europe allows us to pursue off-market transactions in markets with high barriers to entry. We predominantly execute off-market transactions and only participate in competitive processes when we have a distinctive advantage. 

Alignment of interests: 

In line with Invel’s ethos, Invel maintains full alignment of interests with investors through an unusually high level of General Partner commitment. 

Active asset management: 

As part of Invel’s integrated model, all asset management activities are carried out internally ensuring that the value drivers are executed by a motivated, aligned team combined with diligent and experienced oversight. As a value-oriented investor, Invel seeks to unlock value through active asset management of sophisticated transactions, including upscaling and repositioning or repurposing assets, optimising capital structures and structuring tailor-made and creative exit solutions.