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2017 Real Estate Top 100 ranking: 7

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Section one | Latest quarterly data (where available)

2018 Q3 - Infrastructure AUM breakdown

2018 Q3 - Infrastructure AUM by geography

2018 Q2 - Infrastructure AUM breakdown

2018 Q2 - Infrastructure AUM by geography

2018 Q4 - Total real estate AUM

2018 Q4 - Type of client

2018 Q4 - Mandate type

2018 Q4 - Unlisted/direct

2018 Q4 - Product type

2018 Q4 - Strategy

2018 Q3 - Total real estate AUM

2018 Q3 - Type of client

2018 Q3 - Mandate type

2018 Q3 - Unlisted/direct

2018 Q3 - Product type

2018 Q3 - Strategy

2018 Q2 - Total real estate AUM

2018 Q2 - Type of client

2018 Q2 - Mandate type

2018 Q2 - Unlisted/direct

2018 Q2 - Product type

2018 Q2 - Strategy

Q1 2018 - Total real estate AUM

Q1 2018 - Type of client

Q1 2018 - Mandate type

Q1 2018 - Unlisted/direct

Q1 2018 - Product type

Q1 2018 - Strategy

Q4 2017 - Total real estate AUM

Q4 2017 - Type of client

Q4 2017 - Mandate type

Q4 2017 - Unlisted/direct

Q4 2017 - Product type

Q4 2017 - Strategy

Section two | Data from the IPE Real Assets Top 100 Real Estate Investment Managers as at 30 June 2017

Please note: data will only be displayed here for managers that participated in the survey. Click here to examine and interrogate more Top 100 data including breakdown by client type, sector, strategy, region, investment vehicle, mandate type and more.

Key Data - Total real estate AUM

Key Data - Total RE AUM - mandate type

Key Data - AUM by type of capital owner clients

Key Data - Total AUM unlisted/direct

Key Data - Unlisted/direct: pooled or segregated

Section three | Data from the IPE Real Assets Top 50 Infrastructure Investment Managers

Please note: data will only be displayed here for managers that participated in the survey.

AUM summary

Infrastructure AUM by geography

Head Office
Real Estate & Private Markets
5 Broadgate
United Kingdom
Eoin Bastible Tel. +44-20-7901 5204
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What’s new

  • us real estate outlook 2019

    US real estate outlook 2019

    White papersFri, 8 Feb 2019

    Outlook 2019 presents our Base Case expectations for direct-investment commercial real estate, given the trends we anticipate in the economy and capital markets. We believe our Base Case scenario is the most probable outcome and dedicate the rest of the document to laying out the details. It is not, however, the only scenario we consider.

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    The nature of income

    White papersWed, 30 Jan 2019

    The true and reliable nature of commercial real estate income Private real estate income is steady and reliable. We should not oversell the return point but rather take comfort in its absolute persistence.

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    Data infrastructure: an infrastructure or private equity play?

    White papersWed, 23 Jan 2019

    As the lines between infrastructure and private equity become increasingly blurred, the question of categorization - while topical - becomes more trivial. A more relevant consideration is to understand the risks around the cashflows of data infrastructure assets to ensure that the returns are commensurate.

  • A recap of 2018 | Perception, demographics, technology

    A recap of 2018 | Perception, demographics, technology

    White papersTue, 15 Jan 2019

    Innovation covers a wide range of topics that shape views of future investing. We addressed some of these concepts in our 2018 Innovation Series. We recap on these papers in this annual summary.

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    UK commercial real estate – 2018 year in review

    White papersWed, 9 Jan 2019

    Returns for 2018 have yet again exceeded most forecast expectations. We take a closer look at the outlook for UK property in 2019 against an increasingly uncertain political and economic backdrop.

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