UBS Asset Management (UK) Ltd (Real Estate)

2017 Real Estate Top 100 ranking: 7

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Section one | Latest quarterly data (where available)

Q4 2017 - Total real estate AUM

Q4 2017 - Type of client

Q4 2017 - Mandate type

Q4 2017 - Unlisted/direct

Q4 2017 - Product type

Q4 2017 - Strategy

Q3 2017 - Total real estate AUM

Q3 2017 - Type of client

Q3 2017 - Mandate type

Q3 2017 - Unlisted/direct

Q3 2017 - Product type

Q3 2017 - Strategy

Q2 2017 - Total real estate AUM

Q2 2017 - Type of client

Q2 2017 - Mandate type

Q2 2017 - Unlisted/direct

Q2 2017 - Product type

Q2 2017 - Strategy

Q1 2017 - Total real estate AUM

Q1 2017 - Type of client

Q1 2017 - Mandate type

Q1 2017 - Strategy

Q1 2017 - Product type

Q1 2017 - Unlisted/direct

Q4 2016 - Total real estate AUM

Q4 2016 - Type of client

Q4 2016 - Mandate type

Q4 2016 - Strategy

Q4 2016 - Product type

Q4 2016 - Unlisted/direct

Section two | Data from the IPE Real Estate Top 100 Investment Managers as at 30 June 2017

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Key Data - Total real estate AUM

Key Data - Total RE AUM - mandate type

Key Data - AUM by type of capital owner clients

Key Data - Total AUM unlisted/direct

Key Data - Unlisted/direct: pooled or segregated

Head Office
Real Estate & Private Markets
5 Broadgate
United Kingdom
Eoin Bastible Tel. +44-20-7901 5204
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What’s new

  • infrastructure white paper series part 2

    Infrastructure white paper series: Part 2

    White papersFri, 23 Mar 2018

    This series explores some of the key portfolio considerations of investing into infrastructure. Our first paper focused on the growing area of infrastructure debt. This paper, the second in our series, takes a closer look at how infrastructure returns might perform under various economic scenarios, and in particular in a rising interest rate environment. We use public and private infrastructure indices from 2004-2017 to help inform the analysis.

  • uk real estate outlook edition 1 h18

    UK Real Estate Outlook: Edition 1H18

    White papersMon, 19 Mar 2018

    The all property total return for UK commercial real estate of 10.3% in 2017 exceeded even the most bullish forecast expectations from the start of the year, and by some margin. 

  • opportunity amidst converging returns and shrinking risk premia

    Opportunity amidst converging returns and shrinking risk premia

    White papersWed, 14 Mar 2018

    In the early months of 2018, economic fundamentals are supportive of another solid year of real estate performance. But monetary conditions are tightening and our central preoccupation persists: how will this affect the risk premium for real estate? 

  • demand for industrial real estate could rise further

    Demand for industrial real estate could rise further as manufacturers 're-shore' production

    White papersTue, 16 Jan 2018

    April 30, 2011 – the day after the Royal Wedding. As the UK recovered from the street parties (and a fair few hangovers), Zara’s factory workers were just getting down to work. Kate Middleton stepped out for her first post-wedding photo shoot in a blue Zara dress launched earlier that year and, naturally, the garment sold out within 24 hours. 

  • how did the uk market exceed all expectations in 2017

    How did the UK market exceed all expectations in 2017, and can we expect more of the same this year?

    White papersThu, 11 Jan 2018

    If any UK property market forecaster had stood up at the start of the year and predicted that in December we would be debating whether the market will quite hit double digit returns for the year, not even the most bullish observer would have taken them seriously. 

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