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  • Eurozone Real Estate Outlook Edition 1H19 - De-risking in a slower growth environment download

    White papers 20 March 2019

    Property markets holding up despite weakening economic outlook and mounting downside risks...

  • US real estate outlook 2019 download

    White papers 8 February 2019

    Outlook 2019 presents our Base Case expectations for direct-investment commercial real estate, given the trends we anticipate in the economy and capital markets. We believe our Base Case scenario is the most probable outcome and dedicate the rest of the document to laying out the details. It is not, however, the only scenario we consider.

  • A recap of 2018 | Perception, demographics, technology download

    White papers 15 January 2019

    Innovation covers a wide range of topics that shape views of future investing. We addressed some of these concepts in our 2018 Innovation Series. We recap on these papers in this annual summary.

  • US Real Estate Summary Edition 4, 2018 download

    White papers 3 December 2018

    Commercial Real Estate Despite higher interest rates, underlying economic strength benefits real estate markets.

  • Innovation Paper 3: Demographics – Living large… by going small download

    White papers 10 September 2018

    Small living appears to be making a big splash, but the growing interest in micro apartments and co-living is not just a matter of taste – broader structural forces are changing the way we live.

  • Real Estate Summary: Edition 3 2018 download

    White papers 10 September 2018

    Despite the current fundamental backdrop for real estate investment remaining supportive, risk is on the rise.

  • Innovation Paper 2: Real Estate & Aging download

    White papers 27 June 2018

    The aging of the world’s population is well known and documented. The median age is set to rise to 32.1 in 2025 from 29.6 in 2015 according to United Nations projections.

  • Opportunity amidst converging returns and shrinking risk premia download

    White papers 14 March 2018

    In the early months of 2018, economic fundamentals are supportive of another solid year of real estate performance. But monetary conditions are tightening and our central preoccupation persists: how will this affect the risk premium for real estate?

  • Real Estate Summary: Edition 1 2017 download

    White papers 3 August 2017

    There has been a gradual political shift towards populism in recent decades.

  • Can institutional scale rental accommodation help solve the housing crisis? download

    White papers 1 November 2016

    Behind the political headlines dominated by Brexit developments, there has been a key shift with another highly contentious topic – housing.

  • Changing cities: the evolution of Milan download

    White papers 1 July 2016

    One of the largest Italian cities in Italy, Milan is the leader in economic terms with the city’s GDP accounting for circa 10% of total GDP, while Lombardy accounts for almost 25% of the total.

  • UK Real Estate Market: January 2016 Update download

    White papers 1 February 2016

    As prime yields hit record lows, is there relative value in secondary in the UK?

  • Schweizer Immobilienmarkt download

    White papers 13 November 2015

    Die Zuwanderung verliert an Dynamik. Die rückläufigen Bauinvestitionen dämpfen jedoch das Risiko von Überangeboten im Wohnungssektor.

  • Le marché suisse de l’immobilier download

    White papers 13 November 2015

    L’immigration s’essouffle. La baisse des investissements dans le domaine du bâtiment limite cependant le risque d’offre excédentaire dans le secteur résidentiel.

  • Eurozone commercial real estate market download

    Asset Manager News 18 August 2015

    Improving occupier market fundamentals – in a tightening real estate pricing environment...

  • Research Blast: Beginning of a recovery?! download

    White papers 31 July 2015

    Behind the headlines of the crisis in Greece, the eurozone economy has produced some encouraging indicators in 2Q15, which suggests that it is moving into a phase of sustainable economic growth.

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