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  • Capitalizing on an inefficient market - The case for active REITs download

    White papers 28 October 2019

    When it comes to choosing ‘active’ versus passive management in REITs, the proof of ‘why active’ is in the results.

  • A case for commercial mortgage-backed securities download

    White papers 24 October 2019

    Years of accommodative central bank policy and slow economic growth have pushed yields down and asset values up. Mounting growth concerns and a transitioning global economy will only add to the challenges for investors.

  • Why REITs, why Principal? download

    White papers 7 October 2019

    Since their establishment in the U.S. decades ago, publicly traded REITs have offered investors the combined benefit of commercial real estate investment along with the advantages of investing in publicly traded stocks. REITs have grown in size, impact and market acceptance around the world. REITs, REOCs, and other real estate stocks own or operate trillions in real estate assets across all major global markets.

  • A 360° view of global real estate download

    White papers 29 August 2019

    Access the full spectrum of today’s commercial real estate investment opportunities with Principal Real Estate Investors. We provide the reach, research, and returns you need to meet your investment goals.

  • A compelling case for real estate development download

    White papers 27 August 2019

    In a world fueled by easy monetary policy, commercial real estate has held its own compared with other asset classes.

  • Sustaining the expansion – the Fed cut and what it means for real estate

    White papers 16 August 2019

    After weeks of anticipation, speculation and growing confidence on monetary easing, the Federal Reserve (Fed) cut its benchmark short-term interest rate by 25 bps at its July meeting.

  • Commercial & multifamily mortgage loan investments: An integral part of a fixed income asset allocation strategy download

    White papers 25 July 2019

    In an era of low returns and high financial market volatility, core commercial and multifamily mortgage loan investments provide fixed income investors an appealing mix of strong relative value, low credit risk, and diversification benefits within a larger fixed income portfolio.

  • Private Real Estate Debt download

    White papers 25 July 2019

    The potential for enhanced risk-adjusted returns late in the cycle...

  • Sector series: Impact of demographic dynamics on the multifamily landscape download

    White papers 26 June 2019

    Of the main property sectors, multifamily remains highly sought after by investors. Fundamentals are currently healthy with vacancy rates in equilibrium. Rent growth is tracking well ahead of broader inflation.

  • ESG in Real Estate: Why affordable urban housing can be an attractive long-term investment strategy download

    White papers 25 June 2019

    In recent years, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles have increasingly taken centre stage in the commercial real estate investment world. This trend has been driven just as much by investors and occupiers looking to improve outcomes as by regulators seeking to set the agenda. In particular, ESG has become ever more important in urban housing given its enormous footprint and its ability to directly impact cities and the lives of residents...

  • Tackling Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD): Early lessons in climate risk disclosure. download

    White papers 17 May 2019

    Like many of our investment management colleagues, at Principal Real Estate Investors we have noticed increased interest and questions from our investors on the topic of climate risk, whether through informal discussions or detailed RFP inquiries.

  • The U.S. Yield Curve inverted, now what? download

    White papers 27 March 2019

    On March 22, 2019, the U.S. yield curve briefly inverted, with the difference between the three-month and 10-year yields turning negative for the first time since August 2007.

  • Inside Real Estate: REITs provide stable growth late in the cycle download

    White papers 26 March 2019

    On the ground real estate fundamentals are supportive of a steady, balanced growth outlook for REIT earnings on average. Growth across sectors, countries, or companies can be quite divergent of course.

  • Student housing and senior living in Europe: structural drivers propel long-term demand download

    White papers 11 March 2019

    With similarity to residential property performance, alternative classes like student housing and senior living offer a different investment profile to traditional asset types due to the less cyclical nature of their demand.

  • Outlook for US office - changing occupier trends download

    White papers 28 February 2019

    The future of the office market has been at the subject of much debate and consternation among commercial real estate professionals and investors over the past decade.

  • Private Real Estate Debt: the potential for enhance risk-adjusted returns late in the cycle download

    White papers 21 February 2019

    As the business and real estate cycles continue to mature, exposure to defensively positioned real estate debt strategies may provide investors a more favourable return outcome should economic conditions weaken.

  • Responsible property investing report download

    White papers 5 February 2019

    At Principal, being socially responsible is central to who we are as a company. Our focus on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations is a core aspect of our fiduciary duty to clients and investors.

  • Inside Real Estate 2019 Outlook download

    White papers 18 December 2018

    What can we expect from the global economy in 2019? How will that affect commercial real estate?

  • Gateway to global real estate: Opportunities & expertise download

    White papers 6 December 2018

    At Principal Real Estate Investors, our specialized market knowledge, dedicated and experienced teams around the globe, and extensive connections across all four quadrants of the market, help our clients access today’s investment opportunities.

  • Principal Real Estate Investors recognized as leaders in Responsible Property Investing

    Asset Manager News 27 September 2018

    Demonstrating continued excellence in sustainability and responsible property investing practices, Principal Real Estate Investors is pleased to announce its recent “Green Star” and “4-star” ratings on two funds by GRESB, the global benchmark for real assets, and an overall A score from the Principles for Responsible Investment.

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