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Inside Real Estate - Annual Strategy Outlook for 2017

What's in store for commercial real estate in 2017? Indraneel Karlekar, Ph.D., Managing Director, Global Research & Strategy gives a quick recap of what commercial real estate investors can expect in the upcoming year. Highlighted topics include:

• A new president in the white house
• Economic expansion seven years on
• Path of monetary policy unclear
• Choosing the right strategies
• United States still a global favorite
• Maintain a tilt to debt and pursue select equity opportunities

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  • Capitalizing on an inefficient market

    Capitalizing on an inefficient market - The case for active REITs

    White papersMon, 28 Oct 2019

    When it comes to choosing ‘active’ versus passive management in REITs, the proof of ‘why active’ is in the results. 

  • A case for commercial mortgage-backed securities

    A case for commercial mortgage-backed securities

    White papersThu, 24 Oct 2019

    Years of accommodative central bank policy and slow economic growth have pushed yields down and asset values up. Mounting growth concerns and a transitioning global economy will only add to the challenges for investors.

  • Why REITs, why Principal?

    Why REITs, why Principal?

    White papersMon, 7 Oct 2019

    Since their establishment in the U.S. decades ago, publicly traded REITs have offered investors the combined benefit of commercial real estate investment along with the advantages of investing in publicly traded stocks. REITs have grown in size, impact and market acceptance around the world. REITs, REOCs, and other real estate stocks own or operate trillions in real estate assets across all major global markets.

  • A 360° view of global real estate

    A 360° view of global real estate

    White papersThu, 29 Aug 2019

    Access the full spectrum of today’s commercial real estate investment opportunities with Principal Real Estate Investors. We provide the reach, research, and returns you need to meet your investment goals.

  • a compelling case for real estate development

    A compelling case for real estate development

    White papersTue, 27 Aug 2019

    In a world fueled by easy monetary policy, commercial real estate has held its own compared with other asset classes.

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