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  • Economic Insights: September 2017 download

    White papers 10 October 2017

    Global expansion stays on track: The global economic recovery that began in early 2016 has reached a self-sustaining velocity.

  • Economic Insights: July 2017 download

    White papers 18 August 2017

    Is this Goldilocks? Probably not, but it surely feels that way.

  • Strategic Relative Value: Q3 2017 download

    White papers 27 July 2017

    A quarterly look at how macro events are driving relative value around the globe.

  • Economic Insights: June 2017 download

    White papers 14 July 2017

    The nine years since the summer of 2007 were anything but normal. There was a nearly constant stream of financial crises: emanating first from the United States, then the Eurozone, and then from China’s stock market meltdown and surprise devaluation.

  • Economic Insights: April 2017 download

    White papers 4 May 2017

    The free trade negotiations of the late 1980s and 90s that lowered world trade barriers plus the opening up of countries of the former Soviet Union in 1989 led to a massive, positive, global labor supply shock.

  • Interpreting the facts: Technology, populism, and the economy download

    White papers 4 May 2017

    Facts are facts.

  • Technology and retirement: Shifting opportunities download

    White papers 3 May 2017

    Technology has made it possible for us to live better, longer, more meaningful lives. And that’s cause for great optimism and positivity.

  • Technology, emerging markets, and the path to financial security download

    White papers 3 May 2017

    Just like the developed world, emerging markets populations are aging and looking for a secure retirement.

  • Talking down the U.S. dollar: A means to an (unsuccessful) end download

    White papers 21 March 2017

    Is it better to be weak or strong?

  • Economic Insights: February 2017 download

    White papers 10 March 2017

    Recession; it follows an expansion as the economy encounters constraints, inflation rises, and the Fed hikes interest rates. A recovery follows a recession and begins a new era of better growth, mild inflation, and stock market gains.

  • The nimble and the quick: Success in the future of asset management download

    White papers 23 February 2017

    Being nimble in the asset management industry means having the organizational agility to adjust to markets and client needs efficiently and cost effectively. For passive managers, scale and low fees will continue to be the point of competition. For active managers, clients will require access to a diverse set of niche asset classes to provide alpha atop their passive core portfolio’s beta exposure.

  • Active management can add big value in small-cap equities download

    White papers 23 February 2017

    While the value and effectiveness of active management has been debated among investors, consultants, advisors, and academics for some time, the growth and expansion of passive investment options including index funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) over the past decade has added a new twist to the discussion.

  • The owner-operator advantage download

    White papers 27 January 2017

    The first thing you notice about owner-operators, whether it’s a local restaurant owner or the head of a large corporation, is the passion they have for their business.

  • Why “skin in the game” may mean “out of the index” download

    White papers 27 January 2017

    Are you underweighted in companies with owner-operator CEOs?

  • Three reasons “big banks” are safe for the next five years download

    White papers 27 January 2017

    Since the fallout from the Global Financial Crisis, it has become somewhat of a game among financial pundits to predict the next crash, crisis, or Lehman-like bank failure that will send systemic shockwaves around the world.

  • What are investors looking for in today's investment environment? download

    White papers 6 December 2016

    These conflicting times of unconventional monetary policy finds investors balancing their choices in an effort to avoid the risk of capital losses; and, at the same time, avoid the regret of missing what may well be a once-in-a-generation bull market in equities.

  • The end of the beginning: The global economy picks up momentum in 2017 download

    White papers 1 December 2016

    November 1942. Winston Churchill addressed the British House of Commons on the occasion of the first Allied victory to date over Hitler’s armies in all of World War II. General Montgomery had defeated Rommel’s seemingly unstoppable armored Panzers at the battle of El Alamein.

  • Taxable U.S. municipal bonds make sense for non-U.S. investors download

    White papers 21 October 2016

    As global investors continue to face falling, low, and negative interest rates, the need for alternative investments to enhance portfolio returns and performance has heightened.

  • The High-Tech Lever: Examining Technology’s Influence on the Economy download

    White papers 4 May 2016

    The physical limitations of our strength, our endurance, and our finite life span have actually been a catalyst to the success of our species. Human beings have used their creativity and ingenuity to continually transcend those confines.

  • Preferred Securities: an Oasis in the Fixed Income Desert? download

    White papers 7 April 2016

    Following the global financial crisis, the restructuring and recapitalization of financial firms have made banks and insurance companies an attractive sector for fixed income investors.

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