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The "new normal" turned into the old normal: Our economic outlook for 2018

In this year’s global economic outlook we examine the outlook for the United States and the rest of the world, ask if the coming fiscal stimulus in developed countries could boost this expansion even further, try to shed some light on how central bank attempts to normalize monetary policy might impact the stock market, and investigate the asset class implications of this cyclical upturn and of less-accommodative monetary policy. Topical highlights in this year’s outlook include:

• The United States
• Greater Europe
• China
• Japan
• World economies
• Inflation and interest rates
• Asset allocation

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Inside Real Estate - Annual Strategy Outlook for 2017

What's in store for commercial real estate in 2017? Indraneel Karlekar, Ph.D., Managing Director, Global Research & Strategy gives a quick recap of what commercial real estate investors can expect in the upcoming year. Highlighted topics include:

• A new president in the white house
• Economic expansion seven years on
• Path of monetary policy unclear
• Choosing the right strategies
• United States still a global favorite
• Maintain a tilt to debt and pursue select equity opportunities

Where Do You See Opportunity? An Interview with Randy Woodbury

The transition from 2015 into 2016 has, thus far, been characterized by heightened volatility. In an environment plagued by symptoms of a late stage credit cycle with low yields and rising rates, portfolio manager Randy Woodbury shares his thoughts on where he sees opportunities for investors moving forward.

Outlook for Preferred Securities in the Face of Rising Rates

Matthew Byer, executive director and chief operating officer of Spectrum Asset Management, an affiliate of Principal Global Investors, discusses the impact of potential rising interest rates on the preferred securities market. In this yield-starved environment, an allocation to preferred securities may improve incremental returns, reduce total volatility, and help to reduce interest risk in a rising rate cycle in the next few years

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  • Investing in an era of heightened risk velocity

    Investing in an era of heightened risk velocity

    White papersMon, 7 Oct 2019

    For investors navigating current market conditions—an environment where a single tweet can change the market direction and momentum—it is not just the risks themselves that are challenging but also the elevated pace at which risks can move from peripheral threats to portfolio impacts. We call this “risk velocity.” This paper explores the primary drivers for this phenomenon and potential asset allocation implications.

  • Strategic Relative Value – Q4 2019

    Strategic Relative Value – Q4 2019

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    A quarterly look at how macro events are driving relative value around the globe.

  • Initial repercussions of U.K.'s new prime minister

    Initial repercussions of U.K.'s new prime minister

    White papersFri, 16 Aug 2019

    In the first week that Boris Johnson became Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, the Pound Sterling fell by 3.0% against the U.S. Dollar and the odds of a messy no-deal Brexit rose sharply.

  • Strategic Relative Value Q2 2019

    Strategic Relative Value Q2 2019

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    A quarterly look at how macro events are driving relative value around the globe.

  • Q&A with Damien Buchet - June 2019

    Q&A with Damien Buchet - June 2019

    White papersTue, 4 Jun 2019

    What is the main objective of Finisterre’s EMD Total Return strategy?

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