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Whether you're investing personally or on behalf of your business, you want an investment manager who empowers you to reach your financial goals. At Principal Global Investors, empowering individual investors, institutions, and business professionals is our single purpose. When you work with us, you benefit from the combined strength of a multi-boutique investment firm and the management expertise of Principal®, one of the world's largest diversified investment companies.

We are committed to delivering the investment outcomes you need, combined with consistently competitive investment performance and superior service. Our dedication to and achievement of this goal is validated by the portfolios we manage for investors around the world.

Comprised of a network of specialized boutiques and teams, we currently manage portfolios on behalf of a broad range of sophisticated clients in over 70 countries around the world. Our global distribution provides direct access to the markets and companies in which we invest and close proximity to the clients we serve.

We are, however, much more than a collection of specialized investment boutiques and capabilities. You benefit from our multi-boutique business structure that cultivates a small company mind-set in a large company environment. This approach provides access to outstanding asset managers - each with a distinct investment specialty and philosophy.

The autonomy of the boutique investment professionals results in consistent, competitive and custom investment options that support your need for income and yield. We do this by offering quality-focused alpha and beta strategies in both developed and emerging markets using broad investment capabilities and asset classes:

• Equities, fixed income, real estate, currency management, and stable value funds
• Specialized asset allocation strategies
• Lifecycle funds
• Exchange-traded funds
• Collective investment trusts
• Alternatives, and other structured investment strategies

Our extensive client base reflects the breadth and sophistication of our investment capabilities.

The benefits are clear - flexible investment strategies, customized investment solutions, and consistent investment results, all through a single, global investment advisor.

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